Issue 3

  • Volume: 12
  • Issue number: 3

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Original articles
Elisa detection of cytokine levels to determine the dynamics of the flow inflammatory process L. Aznabaeva / О. Zherebyatyeva / E. Mikhailova / S. Kirgozova / G. Machalova / M. Fomina / N. Elagina / T. Fedorova / A. Mironov Pages 195-198
Features of the cytokine profile and relationships of polymorphisms of the immune system with levels of serum cytokines in individuals exposed to chronic radiation exposure A. Akleyev / E. Blinova / A. Kotikova Pages 199-204
Does the apoptosis of lymphocytes affects on the immune status of the persons in the remote terms after chronic radiation exposure? A. Akleyev / E. Blinova / I. Dolgushin Pages 205-210
The effectiveness of intermittent hypoxic barochambers in bronchial asthma in children and adolescents G. Alemanova / L. Popova / T. Vivtanenko Pages 211-215
Peculiarities of the exposure of the antibiotics of the macrolid group on the functional activity of neutrophilic granulocytes of peripheral blood in vitro I. Baturina / A. Savochkina / K. Gromakova / K. Nikushkina / I. Emelyanov / M. Zotova / E. Mezentseva Pages 216-221
Antipeptide activity of intestinal microsyмbyonts for the state of intestinal homeostasis estimation T. Bondarenko / E. Danilova / I. Chainikova / O. Chelpachenko / E. Ivanova / N. Perunova / I. Nikiforov Pages 222-226
The network interaction of the neurocytocine system in the context of social adaptation of children with autism spectrum disorders A. Burmistrova / Yu. Filippova / A. Timofeeva Pages 227-232
The role of mielopeptides MP-5 and MP-6 in regulation of the functional activity of peritoneal macrophages under immobilizational stress S. Gein / T. Gavrilova / O. Gein / Ya. Kadochnikova / M. Chereshneva / V. Chereshnev / E. Kirilina Pages 233-237
Investigation of immunofarmacological properties of medicinal medicine with methyonine and extract of kurcum in vitro O. Gizinger / E. Simonyan / A. Khisamova Pages 238-241
Clinical-immunological and microbiological efficiency of integrated therapy at the stages of prevention and treatment of chronic adenoiditis in children with use of the laser of low intensity O. Gizinger / S. Shetinin / V. Karandashov / A. Baranov / E. Zavgorodniy / N. Chernyavskaya Pages 242-246
Comparative analysis of mettaloproteinase system and their tissue inhibitors at periodontitis in patients with diabetes mellitus type II A. Golitsyna / Yu. Yugai / E. Chagina / Yu. Pervov / A. Romanchuk Pages 247-254
Immune biomarkers of in-stent restenosis after percutaneous coronary interventions in myocardial infarction and stable angina patients N. Grachev / A. Semenikhin / E. Turmova / V. Rublev / S. Nazarenko / N. Anohina Pages 255-260
Immunobiochemical markers of the gematoentsefalitics barrier and autosensibilization at early forms chronic ischemia of the brain E. Davydova / A. Zurochka / D. Altman Pages 261-267
Impact of subcutaneus allergenspecifi c immunotherapy on the level of cytokines in nazal secretions of children with combined forms of respiratory pollene allergy Yu. Emelina / A. Zurochka Pages 268-275
The effect of 2-morpholino-5-phenyl-6H-1, 3, 4-thiadiazine hydrobromide on the change of hematological indices of rats with alloxan diabetes V. Emelyanov / S. Brilliant / I. Gette / I. Danilova / Yu. Klyueva / L. Sidorova / T. Tseitler Pages 276-280
Impact on ceruloplasmin on the chemiluminescence of neutrophils in chronic submaximal exercise capacity E. Ermolaeva / S. Kantyukov / V. Petuhova / E. Surina-Marysheva Pages 281-285
The reaction of neutrophils in chronic exercise of varying intensity E. Ermolaeva / S. Kantyukov / V. Yakovleva Pages 286-289
Immunological features of reactive arthritis depending on the inflammatory activity M. Zhuravleva Pages 290-294
Experimental justification of the possibility of creating the new metabolic drug N. Zabokritsky / P. Sarapultsev Pages 295-300
Development of experimental sample of a new hepatoprotector N. Zabokritsky Pages 301-305
The role of human chorionic gonadotropin and its peptide fragments in the regulation of IDO expression by human monocytes Svetlana Zamorina / Valeriya Timganova / Maria Bochkova / Pavel Khramtsov / M. Raev Pages 306-310
Features of the infectious process in patients with HPV-associated ectopia of the cervix uteri M. Zotova / K. Nikushkina / E. Mezentseva / I. Baturina / Yu. Loginova / I. Samuseva / T. Smirnova / T. Nikonova / K. Gromakova Pages 311-316
“Skin window” cytokines in bronchial asthma associated with food allergy P. Isaev / V. Климов / M. Romanova / V. Sviridova / O. Naidina / N. Pronina Pages 317-320
IgAs, IL-4, and BAFF in nasal fluid and CD20+ B cells in nasopharyngeal tonsil in transient hypogammaglobulinaemia of infancy V. Климов / A. Klimov Pages 321-324
Methods of correction of the functional infringements of phagocytes and local manifestations of oxidative stress in the multiple shell of the nose region with use of ultrasound cavitation A. Korkmazov / M. Korkmazov Pages 325-328
CD57 expression by peripheral blood cytotoxic T cells in sarcoidosis I. Kudryavtsev / N. Lazareva / O. Baranova / M. Serebriakova / T. Ses’ / M. Ilkovich / A. Totolyan Pages 329-334
Modulation of functional activity of mast cells by cholinergic agents N. Kutukova / P. Nazarov Pages 335-341
Study of migration of nano-dimensional metallic particles in the composition of supernatants on the model of inbreed mobiles BALB-CJ V. Labis / E. Bazikyan / V. Manskih / S. Sizova / S. Khaidukov / I. Kozlov Pages 342-347
Peripheral blood cytotoxic T cells in patients with sarcoidosis N. Lazareva / I. Kudryavtsev / O. Baranova / M. Serebriakova / T. Ses’ / M. Ilkovich / A. Totolyan Pages 348-353
Analysis of subpopulation composition of Th-lymphocytes in peripheral blood in women with miscarriage Yu. Loginova / O. Abramovskikh Pages 354-357
Prediction of papillomavirus infection by after therapy of women and men from family couples D. Markeeva / L. Telesheva / O. Lysenko / E. Baisakalova Pages 358-364
Integral blood indexes to demonstrate high sensitivity and reliability in mass ecologic survey in healthy persons, in sportsmen, in pregnant women, and in pulmonary patients I. Melnikov / S. Sashenkov / I. Komarova / A. Akleev Pages 365-370
Influence of passive tobacco could on the rate of rats Vistar: physiological and immunological aspects I. Miroshnichenko / I. Mikhailova / A. Isengulova / L. Pushkareva / V. Tikhonov / O. Shirshov Pages 371-374
Immunomodulatory therapy post-infectious disorders of fertility E. Mikhailova / G. Machalova / O. Zherebyateva / S. Kirgozova / L. Aznabaeva / M. Fomina / D. Ukubaeva / A. Mironov Pages 375-378
The modulatory effects of glucosaminylmuramildipeptide on the transformed phenotype of the subset of IFNα/βR1+IFNγR+TLR4+ neutrophilic granulocytes of patients with chronic herpes-viral infections in the experiment in vitro I. Nesterova / T. Nguyen / E. Khalturina / S. Khaidukov / S. Guryanova Pages 379-384
Spontaneous and stimulated CD25 expression on T-lymphocytes and the amount of regulatory T-cells in children with chronic hepatitis C I. Pashnina Pages 385-390
Subpopulation structure of T-lymphocytes in children with diff erent activity of juvenile idiopathic arthritis I. Pashnina Pages 391-395
Morphological diversity of intactical macrophages of various localization V. Pozdina / M. Ulitko / I. Danilova Pages 396-401
Immunological markers of early diagnostics of posttraumatic osteomielitis of the lower jaw E. Popova / A. Kostyushko / V. Dubov / S. Milekhina Pages 402-406
Comparative analysis of the indicators of the functional activity of neutrophils peripheral blood in patients with sepisis depending on the exodusion A. Savochkina / L. Pykhova / O. Abramovskikh / A. Poltorak / E. Chetvernina Pages 407-411
Dependence of neutrophiles respiratory burst from the state of their metabolic processes in patients with chronic endometritis and adnexitis A. Savchenko / E. Kasparov / S. Arutjunjan / A. Borisov / I. Gvozdev Pages 412-422
Dynamics of the functional status of neutrophilic granulocytes of urogenital secrets and neutrophiles allocated from the peripheral blood of women in various phase of the menstrual cycle I. Samuseva Pages 423-427
Diverse and cross-linking sensitization in asthma and other atopic allergic conditions V. Sviridova / P. Isaev / M. Romanova / N. Koshkarova / T. Koshovkina / A. Shkatova Pages 428-433
Comparative evaluation of influence of immunomodulators on the development of experimental synegne infection A. Smolyagin / B. Frolov / Y. Filippova / Т. Panfilova / A. Zheleznova / E. Ermolina / Y. Sarychevа / A. Tokareva Pages 434-438
Influence of macrophage modulation on the state of extra islet insulin-producing system in hypergycemia K. Sokolova / A. Belousova / I. Gette / I. Danilova / M. Abidov Pages 439-443
Polymorphisms of the promote region of the TNFA gene and their two-locus haplotypes in patients with ulcerative colitis russian population of the Chelyabinsk region D. Stashkevich / A. Kobelyatskaya / A. Burmistrova Pages 444-448
The role of TCR-activation in the formation of small subpopulations of T helpers Valeriya Timganova / Svetlana Zamorina / Maria Bochkova / Pavel Khramtsov / M. Raev Pages 449-453
Influence of time of cultivation of Staphylococcus aureus on the production of cytokine-like substances that detected by ELISA L. Fomina / V. Zurochka / A. Symbircev / V. Gritsenko Pages 454-459
Comparative evaluation cytokine-like activity of Staphylococcus aureus by methods multiplex and ELISA L. Fomina / A. Fayzullina / V. Zurochka / M. Dobrynina / A. Symbircev / V. Gritsenko Pages 460-465
Miliacin triterphenoid as a means of improving effective impact on bacterial intestinal infection B. Frolov / A. Smolyagin / I. Chainikova / Y. Filippova / Т. Panfilova / A. Zheleznova / E. Ermolina / Y. Sarychevа Pages 466-470
New methods for the formation of groups of the immunocompromised children with recurrent respiratory infections with using of discrete-dynamic analysis D. Kharina Pages 471-478
Spermatogenesis and mast cells of the testes with damage and against the background of the introduction of glucocorticosteroids Yu. Khramtsova / N. Tуumentseva / O. Artashyan / A. Bukharina Pages 479-485
Effects of influences of recombinant IFNα2b on the level of expression of the CD16, CD66b, CD33, CD11b receptors of neutrophilic granulocytes of conditionally healthy children in the experiment in vitro G. Chudilova / I. Nesterova / T. Rusinova / S. Kovaleva / L. Lomtatidze / V. Tarakanov / V. Verevkina / V. Pavlenko Pages 486-492
Immunotoxic effect of carbon tetrachloride Z. Shafigullina / S. Medvedeva / I. Danilova Pages 493-499
A comparative assessment of the effect of secretory products of neutrophils previously exposed to simulated low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of natural and anthropogenic origin on the biofilm-forming ability of microorganisms isolated from the oral cavity of persons using dental orthopedic constructions Yu. Shishkova / S. Darovskikh / M. Babikova / N. Vdovina / O. Vildanova / I. Dolgushin Pages 500-505
Influence of natural and technogenic low-intensity electromagnetic radiation on the phagocytarial activity of neutrophilic granulocytes, their ability to formation of neutrophilic extraculative traces and biological film formation of microorganisms Yu. Shishkova / I. Galagudin / A. Pishchalnikov / S. Darovskikh / M. Babikova Pages 506-512
Experimental assessment of the antiviral effect peptide of the containing substance with silicon zinc glitserogidrogel’s maintenances O. Shchipacheva / I. Tuzankina / A. Simbirtsev / T. Honina / I. Malchikov Pages 513-516

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