Immunobiochemical markers of the gematoentsefalitics barrier and autosensibilization at early forms chronic ischemia of the brain

Publication type Article
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South Ural State Medical University
Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital
South Ural State University (National Research University)
Federal State Institution of Science Institute of Immunology and Physiology
South Ural State Medical University
Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital
Journal nameRossiiskii immunologicheskii zhurnal
EditionVolume 12 Issue 3

The level of neurospecifi c proteins and autoantibodies to the subunit NR2 of the NMDA receptor in veterans with early forms of chronic cerebral ischemia was studied. It was shown that these patients had permeability disturbances of the blood-brain barrier with the growth of autosensibilization processes to brain antigens, which may be one of the mechanisms of progression of chronic cerebral ischemia and a predicted failure of cerebral circulation compensation in patients with progressive course of chronic cerebral ischemia. On the other hand, the defi nition of neurospecifi c proteins in the systemic circulation may be promising for the diagnosis of early stages of chronic cerebral ischemia, when other objective methods of research may be of little informative.

Keywordsearly forms of chronic cerebral ischemia, neurospecifi c proteins, autoantibodies to subunit of NR2 NMDA receptor
Publication date12.01.2019
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