Peculiarities of the exposure of the antibiotics of the macrolid group on the functional activity of neutrophilic granulocytes of peripheral blood in vitro

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Affiliation: South Ural State Medical University
Affiliation: South Ural State Medical University
South Ural State Medical University
Chelyabinsk State University
Affiliation: South Ural State Medical University
South Ural State Medical University
Chelyabinsk State University
Affiliation: South Ural State Medical University
Affiliation: South Ural State Medical University
Journal nameRossiiskii immunologicheskii zhurnal
EditionVolume 12 Issue 3

Dose-dependent eff ects of antibiotics and their eff ect on immune cells of the body, in particular neu-trophilic granulocytes, are still poorly understood. The method of fl ow cytometry was determined by the  minimum eff ective dose of chemomycin by assessing the degranulation of neutrophils. It was found that under the action of minimum eff ective dose chemomycin neutrophils form neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs), which are one of the mechanisms of adaptive immunity. It is noteworthy that the release of NETs in response to the action of chemomycin was not dependent on gender.

Keywordschemomycin (azithromycin), NETs, neutrophil granulocytes, degranulation, flow cytometry
Publication date12.01.2019
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