About project

The RAS (Russian Academy of Science) portal is the main part of JES platform (Journal education and science).

In addition, it is the center for submission of manuscripts to the journals of the RAS and GAUGN (State Academic University for the Humanities), but also provides trial access to the leading socio-humanitarian journals of the RAS, GAUGN, CEMI RAS (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute) and other leading Russian humanitarian research organizations.

The collection includes journals in the following scientific fields:

• History and Archaeology

• Political Science and Regional Policy

• Social Sciences

• Economics 

• Philology

• Philosophy

Texts of all publications are presented in Russian language.

Metadata of all publications are presented in Russian and English.

To access the full PDF version and order printed copies of articles use the feedback form: https://ras.jes.su/application-en.html

Detailed description: 

Project Presentation (PDF)