Development of experimental sample of a new hepatoprotector

Publication type Article
Status Published
Affiliation: Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Research Institute of Immunology and Physiology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Journal nameRossiiskii immunologicheskii zhurnal
EditionVolume 12 Issue 3

The present research is devoted to the design of combined hepatoprotector using culture strain Bacillus subtilis B-9906 and isolated from the same strain of the metabolic complex. A series of experiments with the use of explanted rat hepatocytes in the modeling of toxic carbon tetrachloride in direct experiments has demonstrated the presence of hepatoprotective action directly in the metabolic complex. The increase in proliferative activity of hepatocyte cell culture was observed after 48 hours, the culture was fully restored after 96 hours.

Keywordsprobiotic microorganisms, biologically active substances, metabolites, design, hepatoprotective effect
AcknowledgmentThe work was performed as part of the state assignment of the IIB UB RAS (R & D Number No. AAAA-A18–118020690020–1).
Publication date12.01.2019
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