Issue 1 (62)

  • Issue number: 1 (62)

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Modern Problems of Education and Experience of Professional Development of Teaching Staff
Conceptualization as the leading criterion for development of regional in-service teachers’ training systems: trends in innovative experience Arkadiy Maron / Elena Koroleva Pages 4-8
Non-formal educational practices in the teachers’ continuing education space Marina Yakushkina Pages 9-15
The Structure of Students’ Readiness for Educational Activities in Educational Organization Environment Lira Monakhova / Varvara Kurdubova Pages 16-21
Independent assessment of educational conditions quality in Russia: issues and regulatory support Yuliya Fedorchuk / Lyudmila Panfilova / Andrei Kuznetsov Pages 22-29
Educational Systems and Technologies
Cross-multidimensional spaces and environments as factors of innovative renewal of educational activities Vasily Panasyuk / Ksenia Elistratova Pages 30-38
Organization of internal expertise of academic disciplines work programs Anastasiia Kolchina / Natalya Аvdeeva Pages 39-43
Sociocultural conditionality of change trends in school geographic education content Vera Nikolina Pages 44-51
Practice of Using Academic Role-Playing Games at Classes of Foreign Language in Order to form Soft Scills of Students Ida Tsalikova / Svetlana Pakhotina Pages 52-56
Innovation as a component of the formation of senior school students‘ economic culture in China and Russia Ekaterina Latynina Pages 57-61
Continuing education and specialist training
Scientific Relationship of Individual Personality Traits and Efficiency of Teacher’s Professional Activity Valentina Gorshkova / Alla Pryaluhina Pages 62-66
Basic Principles of Military-Professional Competencies Development at Military University Cadets of National Guard Troops Igor Babich Pages 67-70
Phenomenon of design culture in the aspect of specialist’s professional and personal development Natalya Natus Pages 71-75
Dissemination of professional experience in development students' readiness for research activities Evgenia Elagina Pages 76-82
Education in the Paradigm of Mastering the Real-Practical World (for the 25th Anniversary of the Department of Primary, Preschool Education and Social Management of Yaroslav-The-Wise Novgorod State University)
Project based training as the implementation of the real-practical world – a new vector of development Roza Sherayzina / Elena Mednik / Natalya Alexandrova Pages 83-87
Reverse mentoring in vocational training of future teachers Еlena Migunova / Marina Zhigalik / Vladimir Averkin Pages 88-93
Phenomenon of leadership as a component of managerial competencies Marina Alexandrova / Sergey Kariagin / Roza Sherayzina Pages 94-98
Leo Tolstoy ideas in scientific studies of Russian and foreign scientists Tatyana Chugunova / Alexander Motorin / Alexander Shirin Pages 99-103
Pedagogical Heritage of Professor S.G. Vershlovsky. Modern Reading (Experience of the Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy of the St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Teachers Training)
Pedagogical Heritage of Professor S.G. Vershlovsky and his Contribution to Andragogy Development Olga Dautova / Elena Ignаteva / Nadezda Kuzina Pages 104-109
Innovative metamodels of interaction between participants of postgraduate teacher education Marina Ermolaeva Pages 110-118
Andragogical competence of pedagogical universities teachers as a problem of modern higher education Nadezhda Vershinina / Yuliya Lagutina Pages 119-125
Practice of interaction between the department of pedagogy and andragogy of SPb Academy of postgraduate pedagogical education and educational institutions of St. Petersburg Vladimir Smolnikov / Inna Golovataia Pages 126-131
Pedagogical and Psychological Research, Experiments
Health Creation as a Basic Component of Educational Institution Activities Grigory Gun / Igor Zotov / Bogdan Shavarinsky Pages 132-137
Emotional burnout of mothers as socio-psychological phenomenon in the context of modern culture Tatyana Ilina Pages 138-144
School Development as the Task of the Deputy Director: Results of the Analysis of Normative Documents Evelina Hasan Pages 145-151
Issues of Developing Professionally Conditioned Military Servants’ Patriotic Traits Maxim Egorov / Alexander Tomilin Pages 152-155
Memorable Dates
The educational value of the heritage of scientists and culture figures for contemporaries (on the 90th anniversary of the doctor of pedagogical and chemical sciences, professor A.A. Makarenya) Nadezhda Surtaeva / Sergei Krivykh / Janna Margolina / Olga Roytblat Pages 156-160
Conferences, Seminars, Scientific Discussions
Relevance of the use of synesthetic methodologies in the field of aesthetic education Svetlana Konanchuk Pages 161-165

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