Issue 8

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  • Issue number: 8

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
“Science as a Vocation”
Science as a vocation and as a cultural phenomenon Boris I. Pruzhinin Pages 5-9
How do We Criticize Max Weber Today? Alexander Yu. Antonovskiy / Raisa Barash Pages 10-14
Ethical Dimension of Scientific Activity in M. Weber’s Speech Anton Dolmatov / Evgeniy Maslanov Pages 15-18
M. Weber: Does Social Science need Freedom from Assessments Karen Momdzhyan Pages 19-23
Science as a Profession: In Search of Self-Determination Tatiana D. Sokolova Pages 24-28
Interactions between scientists and society in the 21st century: Revisiting the work by Max Weber Svetlana Shibarshina Pages 29-32
To the Question of the Cultural-historical Sense of Scientific Knowledge in the Report of M. Weber Tatiana G. Shchedrina Pages 33-37
Philosophy and Society
Philosophy of Law and Legal Thinking: History and Modernity Alexander N. Savenkov Pages 38-48
Freedom in the World: the Defense of Externalist Libertarianism Alexander Mishura Pages 49-58
Philosophy and Culture
Phenomenon of Body Knowledge in Chinese Philosophy and Culture Vladimir Malyavin Pages 59-71
How Do We Define Art? Andrew Andreev / Tatiana Kuznetsova Pages 72-79
On Creation, Cave Art and Perception: a Doxological Approach Dmitrii Vorobev Pages 80-93
Rebels and Freebooters: Political Struggle in ‘Demons’ by Dostoevsky Roman Gulyaev Pages 94-103
Philosophy and Science
New Global Revolution in Science Arkadiy Ursul Pages 104-112
Conflict of human self-references Anton Popov Pages 113-123
History of Russian Philosophy
Merezhkovsky, or Actualization of Religious and Philosophical Meanings of European Culture Vladimir K. Kantor Pages 124-133
Russian intelligentsia about the “depths” of the Russian revolution: hysterics and illusions in the context of time Marina S. Kiseleva Pages 134-145
Again about the Unlearned Lessons of the Zagorsk Experiment (an Answer to A. D. Maidanskiy) Yuriy Putschaev Pages 146-157
Results of the Zagorsky Experiment in Terms of the Philosophy of Concrete Idealism (Florensky versus Ilyenkov) Rustem Vakhitov Pages 158-167
History of Philosophy
Plato and his religion. To the interpretation of Euthyphro dialogue Dmitriy Bugai Pages 168-184
The philosophical struggle of early Advaita with Indian atheism Vladimir Shokhin Pages 185-197
Letter to Editors
“Light Charisma of the Fuhrer.” Islamic element in the Propaganda of the Third Reich Konstantin Burmistrov Pages 198-206
Scientific Life
Encyclopedia of Methodologies of Political Science Irina Silakova Pages 207-214
Alexander Kojev: Russian-French dialogue (review of the international colloquium) Alexey M. Rutkevich / Daria Drozdova / Ivan Kurilovich Pages 215-218
Book Reviews
Watersheds secularization. What is wrong with our millennium: a view from the epicenter of the geopolitical clinch Vladimir Mironov Pages 219-220
Dragan Jakovljević. Erkenntnisgestalten und Handlungsanweisungen. Драган Яковлевич. Образы познания и рекомендации к действиям Maja Soboleva Pages 221-222

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