Issue 7

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  • Issue number: 7

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Kant for all Time On Kant’s Ethics on the 295th Anniversary of His Birth Abdusalam Guseynov Pages 6-17
“Science as a Vocation” On the 100th Anniversary of Max Weber’s Lecture (Symposium Materials)
The Scientist’s Dilemma: Profession or Vocation Ilya Kasavin Pages 18-22
Science Through the Eyes of the Scientists: Max Weber, Henri Poincaré, Ernst Mach Alexander Nikiforov Pages 23-27
Scientist’s Mission in the Disenchanted World Nadezhda Kasavina Pages 28-32
Professional Knowledge and Moral Duty of Scientist: a Reply to Max Weber Vladimir Krzhevov Pages 33-37
Max Weber on the Rational Foundations of Science-Politics Communication Liana Tukhvatulina Pages 38-42
Max Weber on University Aleksey Rutkevitch Pages 43-51
On the prospects of the “philosophy of synthesis” (discussion materials)
From Analysis to Synthesis: on the Vocation of Philosophy in the 21st Century Michael Epstein Pages 52-63
Philosophy as a Design of New Meanings Grigorii L. Tulchinskii Pages 64-68
In Defense of the Analytical Approach Vladimir Filatov Pages 69-74
Trust in the Present Valery Savchuk Pages 75-81
Philosophy as a Dream of the Future Wladimir N. Porus Pages 82-88
Philosophy and Society
The Modern Radicalism: Phenomenology, Origin and Mechanisms Vadim Emelin / Alexander Tkhostov Pages 89-98
New Social Movements and their Evolution in the Network Age Raisa Barash / Alexander Antonovskiy Pages 99-110
Ecological Regulation of Economy as a Concept of Social Philosophy Vitalij Ivlev / Marina Ivleva / Marina Ivleva Pages 111-121
Euro-constructiveness of Russian Soul Vasiliy Kurabtsev Pages 122-130
Philosophy and Science
Complementarity of Ontological Paradigms and the Principle of Objectivity Valery Starzhinskij / Natalia Starzhinskaya Pages 131-142
Cognitive Empathy and Rational Reconstructions of the History of Science Evgeny Bubnov Pages 143-149
Scientific and Artistic Creativity: Ideal Objects Yulia Morkina Pages 150-161
History of Russian Philosophy
Turgenev in Philosophical Viewing: Russian Discourse Olga Zhukova Pages 162-174
Vladimir Solovyov and Joseph de Maistre Vadim Parsamov Pages 175-187
Indian Philosophy in the History of World Philosophy Context: the Meanings’ Translation Problem
Preface to publication Nataliya Kanaeva Pages 189-197
Phenomenological analysis of term “antaryamin” in Bhaskara’s Philosophy Ruzana Pskhu / Anna Shiyan / Lyudmila Kryshtop / Andrey V. Paribok Pages 198-211
The History and Methodology of the Kashmir Shaivism Studies Sergey Pakhomov Pages 212-221
Blood Kinship and Spiritual Kinship: M. K. Gandhi about Reasons of Arjuna’s Refusal to Fight Elena Bitinayte Pages 222-229
Scientific Life
Downfall of the Empires. 1918”. International Scientific Conference Elena Besschetnova Pages 230-233

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