Issue 4 (69)

  • Issue number: 4 (69)

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Motivating monitoring as an element of the education quality management system Vladimir Abramov / Eteri Mindzaeva / Sergey Beshenkov / Inna Chaiko Pages 7-19
Model of formation and use of personnel reserve of heads of Education system of the Russian Federation Vladimir Abramov / Eteri Mindzaeva / Anna Arinushkina Pages 20-29
Qualimetric approach to assessing the quality of support and support of continuing education of teaching staff: managerial aspect Arkadiy Maron / Lilia Rezinkina / Anton Moshtakov Pages 30-38
Model methodology for assessing leaders’ effectiveness in the system of education quality management Yulia Demidova / Georgij Yalamov / Natalia Zimnyukova Pages 39-49
Innovative directions for improving social education of specialists in the social sphere Svetlana Lebedeva / Yulia Platonova / Irina Michina Pages 50-58
Assessment in social, emotional and ethical learning in the context of the humanistic paradigm Nadezhda Tsimmerman Pages 59-65
EDUCATION AND LIFE TRENDS IN THE NEW DIGITAL REALITY (following the results of the International scientific and practical conference «From scientific research to educational policy» November 17-18, 2021)
Culture of modern schoolchildren: life trends of the younger generation Oleg Myasoutov / Tatiana Kazanova / Ilya Prikhodko Pages 66-75
Security in the structure of psychological security of students in the context of the introduction of digital educational technologies Violetta Petrosyants / Tatiana Khudyakova / Lyudmila Gridiaeva / Yulia Klepach Pages 76-84
Psychological safety of an inclusive educational environment: a risk-resource approach Elena Slusareva / Maria Plugina Pages 85-93
Methodology of continuity of results of various levels of professional pedagog-ical education Irina Tarkhanova / Inga Kharisova Pages 94-104
Model for managing the professional performance of a teacher through the use of big data Irina Leskina Pages 105-116
Implementation of blended learning in foreign language teaching in Russian secondary school (based on the questionnaire data) Yulia Krasnoperova / Valentina Tarasenko Pages 117-123
Educational experiment in the structure of blended learning technologies Anatoly Shapovalov / Lyudmila Andreeva Pages 124-131
Methodological approaches to the study of the academic discipline "Life safety" in the higher education system Nikolai Kirillov / Sergey Molchanov Pages 132-141
Information support for developing project competence of educational organization head in the context of digitalization of education Vadim Ermolenko / Lilia Rezinkina Pages 142-149
Development of the phenomenon of "mentoring" in pedagogical science and practice Yan Medvedev Pages 150-156
Creation of stressful game situations to increase the educational motivation of university students Elena Zorina / Margarita Yakovleva Pages 157-164
The role of the school textbook integrating function in developing holistic view on the scientific picture of the world Elena Geddis Pages 165-173
Identification and development of children's giftedness: regional experience Anna Permyakova Pages 174-179
Trends in foreign practice of certifying heads of educational organizations Aleksandra Sergienko Pages 180-187
Additional professional education of a college teacher as a factor of professional growth Galina Uzunova / Alexey Kamenskiy Pages 188-195
Development of the humanitarian component of the professional knowledge of civil aviation specialists Igor Kuznetsov Pages 196-203
Advanced vocational training of workers as a factor in human capital development Oleg Kozhevnikov Pages 204-210
Development of the teacher's competence in the conditions of additional professional education Antonina Petrenko Pages 211-219

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