Issue 1

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  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Philosophy and Society
Education in Relation to Truth Alexander O. Karpov Pages 56-66
Scientific Life
How is possible philosophical award in Russia Alexey Gryakalov / Valery Savchuk / Sergey Dudnik Pages 204-211
Justice – Imperative of the Civilisation of Law Valery D. Zorkin Pages 5-14
Has Time of Philosophy Passed? Igor Mikhailov Pages 15-25
Fundamental Concepts of the Social Theory in Conditions of Social Evolution: Power, System, Structure, Action. The Materials of the Conference
Rationality as a Fundamental Notion of Legal Philosophy: on the Letter and the Spirit of Law Liana Tukhvatulina / Vladimir Krzhevov Pages 26-30
Identity and Multiculturalism. In Search of the Basic Categories of its Analysis Raisa Barash Pages 31-34
Anomie as a Fundamental Concept of Social Theory in the Context of Modern Capitalism Oleg Efremov Pages 35-38
To the Question of the Relationship of Social Philosophy and Ideology Elizaveta Shcherbakova Pages 39-42
Holism and Reductionism as Basic Methodological Principles in Social Research Natalia Pogozhina / Ilya Savchenko Pages 43-46
Ernst Cassirer and Gustav Shpet about Culture: Perspectives for Modern Methodology of Social and Humanitarian Knowledge Nikolay Afanasov Pages 47-50
Conversation as a Fundamental Problem of Methodology of Social-Philosophical Researches Boris I. Pruzhinin Pages 51-55
Human Being in Culture (Reflections upon V.A. Lectorsky’s monograph “Human Being and Culture”) Natalia M. Smirnova Pages 67-76
Ethics of Silence. The Case of Beckett and Wittgenstein Oksana Koval / Ekaterina Kryukova Pages 77-87
Philosophy and Science
Crisis of Consciousness: ‘Cognitive Response’ Technological Civilization Sergey Khrapov Pages 88-95
History of Russian Philosophy
About the Interpretations of Antique Religion and Philosophy (Vyacheslav Ivanov and Priest Pavel Florensky) Oleg Ermishin Pages 96-104
Emigrant Thinker Alexander Schifrin and His Analysis of Fascism, 1929–1933 Leonid Luks Pages 105-115
M.K. Petrov about the Intellectual Revolution of the 17th Century Gennady Drach Pages 116-123
Logos, the language of Adam and Whorf. Linguistic Aspects of the 17th Century Intellectual Revolution Text preparation and publication by VG Dracha M. Petrov Pages 124-132
Philosophy of Hannah Arendt in Russia Alexey Salikov / Alexey Zhavoronkov Pages 133-145
Indian Philosophy in the History of World Philosophy Context
To the Statement of a Question on Periodization of History of Indian Philosophy Ruzana Pskhu / Lyudmila Kryshtop / Andrey V. Paribok Pages 146-163
Functional Approach in Bhartṛhari's and Dharmakīrti's Philosophical Systems Evgeniya Desnitskaya Pages 164-172
Universum of Establishing the Reliability of Knowledge in Epistemology and Logic (Pramāṇavāda) of Jayarāśi Bhaṭṭa Nataliya Kanaeva Pages 173-183
“We Want to Use the Word Vedantist instead of Hindu”: An Interpretation of History of Indian Philosophy in the Works by Swami Vivekananda Tatiana Skorokhodova Pages 184-194
Vedantism. Translation and notes by T.G. Skorokhodova Svami Vivekananda Pages 195-203
Book Reviews
A.G. Pagonyaylo. Thinking and contemplation. Materials for lectures on the history of philosophy Nikolay Ivanov / Oleg Nogovitsin Pages 212-216

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