Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Funerary Art of Ptolemaic Alexandria as a Model for an Early Christian Iconographic Cliché Valeria Kuvatova Pages 6-12
Yazdgard I and the Lakhmids Dmitry Mishin Pages 13-23
Current State And Future Prospects For Russian-North Korea Relations In The New Geopolitical Conditions Alina Sharafetdinova Pages 24-36
Russia’s Humanitarian Efforts and Its Distinctive Features: Syrian Conflict Case Daria Pakhomova Pages 37-49
Migrant crisis in the East Africa region Stanislav Gorokhov / Agafoshin Maksim / Ruslan Dmitriev Pages 50-62
The problem of restructuring reproductive behavior in Kenya Inna Rybalkina Pages 63-75
The Recruitment of Elitesto the Cabinets of Iran: a Biographical Analysis (1979–1989) Ilya Vaskin Pages 76-92
Demographic Aspects of Syria's Socio-economic Recovery Adilya Byasharova Pages 93-105
Parallel Economies in Syria: A New Interpretation of the Notion Igor A. Matveev Pages 106-114
School Education in Colonial Kenya Grigory A. Karpov Pages 115-124
Role of Educational Centers in the Formation and Development of the Transnational Shi‘ite Movement Liudmila Ponomarenko / Olga S. Chikrizova Pages 125-138
Development of bilingual education in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China at the present stage Dmitry Buyarov Pages 139-150
Study tours in China as a tool for improving quality education Maria A. Guleva Pages 151-162
Ideology of the World Domination in “The History of the World-Conqueror” by Ata-Melik Juvaini Yuliy Drobyshev Pages 163-173
Collection of Buryat Good Wishes in the S.P. Baldaev Fund of the Center of Oriental Manuscripts and Xylographs of IMBT Sayana Bukhogolova / Bair Tushinov Pages 174-184
The Poetics of Duality in the Works of Sadegh Hedayat Zeinab Sadeghi Sahlabad / Oksana Kravchenko Pages 185-195
Processes in the literature of 1990s-2000s Turkiye Maria M. Repenkova Pages 196-203
Pre-Revolutionary (before 1917) Russian Historiography of the Hasmonean State: Directions, Themes, Researches Mikhail Karanaev Pages 204-214
Park Chung Hee’s Regime in the Mirror of Modern Russian Historiography Aleksandr Kurmyzov Pages 215-227
Ancient Egyptian Painted Textile from the collection of R. de Rustafjaell Evgeniia Anokhina / Darya Klyuchnikova / Olga V. Orfinskaya / Olga Tomashevich Pages 228-241
The “Ten Injuctions” 訓要十條 (Hunyo Sipcho, 942?): annotated translation Natalia Chesnokova / Ilia Kolnin / Victoria Glazunova Pages 242-258
[Review of:] Lee E. The Georgian Experiment: The Forgotten Revolution 1918–1921. Transl. from Eng. I.A. Rismukhamedov. Moscow; St. Petersburg: Nestor-Istoriya, 2019. 256 p. ISBN 978-5-4469-1662-7 Vadim Mukhanov Pages 259-265
Review on: Lundysheva O., Turanskaya A., Umemura H. Catalogue of the Old Uyghur manuscripts and blockprints in the Serindia Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS. Vol. 1 / Ed. by P. Zieme; manuscripts conservation by K. Korosteleva; with forewords by I. F. Popova and T. Hamashita. Tokyo: The Toyo Bunko, 2021. [8], XL, 386 p., ill. ISBN: 978-4-8097-0306-5 Vladimir V. Tishin Pages 266-270
Natalya Pavlovna Svistunova (12.06.1930 – 6.09.2022) Editor Journal "Vostok" / Sergey Dmitriev Pages 271-272

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