Vostok. Afro-Aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost

ISSN: 0869-1908

Chief Editor: Naumkin Vitalij Vyacheslavovich

Co-Founder: Institute for African Studies, RAS, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

Address: Rozhdestvenka str., 12, 107031, Moscow, Russia

Tel: 8 (495) 625-51-46

E-mail: vostok.o@yandex.ru

Website: http://vostokoriens.jes.su

The Journal Impact Factor:  0,170 РИНЦ

The Journal «Vostok. Afro-Aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (short title – «Orients») was founded in 1955. The journal publishes articles on current issues of history, economics, politics, culture, economics, sociology, literature and language of the countries of foreign and Russian East.

The Editorial Committee: L.B. Alaev (Doctor of Sciences (History)); Yu.G. Aleksandrov (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); V.M. Alpatov (a corresponding member of the RAS); H.A. Amirhanov (a corresponding member of the RAS); Touraj Atabaki (Holland); B.V. Bazarov (Academician of the RAS); A.S. Balakhvantsev (Doctor of Sciences (History), Editor-in-Chief Deputy); Bayram Balci (France) V.O. Bobrovnikov (Candidate of Historical Sciences); D.D. Vasil'ev (Candidate of Historical Sciences); Hari Sankar Vasudevan (India); A.B. Davidson (Academician of the RAS); S.V. Dmitriev (Candidate of Historical Sciences); G.M. Emel'yanova (Great Britain); A.O. Zaharov (Doctor of Sciences (History)); Michael Kemper (Holland); A.B. Kudelin (Academician of the RAS); I.P. Lebedeva (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)); LI Yuncyuan' (China); Pietro P. Masina (Italy); T.M. Mastyugina (Executive secretary); Madhavan K. Palat (India); Yuri Pines (Israel); M.B. Piotrovskij (Academician of the RAS) I.F. Popova (Doctor of Sciences(History)); V.Ya. Porhomovskij (Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy)); Anthony Reid (Australia), N.A. Simoniya (Academician of the RAS); I.V. Sledzevskij (Doctor of Sciences (History)); A.V. Smirnov (Academician of the RAS); Bill Strayfer (USA).



Archil Balakhvantsev, Editor-in-Chief Deputy

Nikolay Makkaveev, Executive Secretary, editor, history department

Tatiana Denisova, Editor, politology department

Dinara Dubrovskaya, Editor, culturology department

Nina TsVetkova, Editor, economy and sociology department

Liudmila Orlova, Editor


Issues are hosted on the JES platform: http://vostokoriens.jes.su


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