Issue 3

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Table of contents

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“A Special Form of Making Foreign Policy by the Threat of War to Imperialists”. A Case Study of Military-Political Activity of Central Committee Presidium under N.S. Khrushchev, 1953–1964. Part 2 Petr P. Skorospelov Pages 6-30
“The Kings, my Forefathers”: the Forms in Which Assyrian Royal Inscriptions of 17th–11th CС. BC Tell about Construction Works of the Former Kings and Selective Attitude to Some Rulers of the Past Alexander A. Nemirovsky Pages 31-40
Reconstruction of the Design of the General Entrance to the Mine Temple at Abu Erteila by Surviving Architectural Details Sergey V. Vetokhov Pages 41-54
Research Results of the International Syrian-Russian Underwater-Archaeological Expedition in the Waters of the Tartous Province in the Season 2020-2021. Victor Lebedinski / Dmitryi Tatarkov / Julia Pronina Pages 55-62
A Quantitative Assessment of the Topography of the Berkut-kalinsky Oasis (Chorasmia) in Relation to the Goals of Historical and Archaeological Research Bolelov Sergey / Mariya Kovrizhkina / Michael Nickiforov Pages 63-76
A Taxation in Old Turkic States. Part 1: Türkic Qaghanates and Their Local Successors in Relations with Nomadic and Hunting Tribes Vladimir V. Tishin Pages 77-88
Presidential campaign 2021 in Iran: conservators victory in the context of a system crisis Anastasia S. Bogacheva Pages 89-100
Economy of an Intra-state Armed Conflict: The Case of Syria Igor A. Matveev Pages 101-110
Not just Institutions: what is behind the change in the tra-jectory of the Turkish economy growth in the second decade of the XXI century Natalia N. Ul’chenko Pages 111-123
Israeli Parlamentarism in XXI Century: Electorial Failure or System Crises? Tatiana Karasova / Vladimir (Zeev) Khanin Pages 124-134
The transformation of the wrathful deity Mahākāla into the god of happiness and good luck Daikokuten in Japanese Buddhism. Elena Lepekhova Pages 135-147
Evangelists from avatime (Ghana): the formation of the first Christian community and the introduction to the "German flag" (1868–1895) Alina O. Lapushkina Pages 148-159
Tanzania: Political Development in the Context of Julius Nyerere's Legacy Sergey Kostelyanets / Tatyana Denisova Pages 160-172
Je Tsongkhapa’s Hagiographies as a Separate Field in Buddhist Historical Literature: the Early Period Bair Tushinov Pages 173-183
The Unity of the “Four Perfections” (si jue) in the Works of Wu Changshi (1844–1927) Vera Belozerova Pages 184-197
Plot-building motifs in turkish urban fantasy (as exemplified by Sadik Yemni's novel, Solvent) Maria M. Repenkova Pages 198-206
The Historical Novel “Dzanabazar” By Mongolian Author Sengiin Erdene: The Poetics Of The Genre, The Image Of The Hero Elizabeth Baldanmaksarova Pages 207-216
Vladimir Golenischeff’s Vision of the Egyptian Language in the Light of His Archival Evidence Ivan Ladynin Pages 217-233
Disappointment in Slavery: Late Soviet Egyptology on the Ways of Neopositivism Sergey Krikh Pages 234-244
Two Clay Female Figurines in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow Evgeniia Anokhina / Svetlana E. Malykh / Vera Smolenkova / Olga Tomashevich Pages 245-263
[Review of:] Johnson R., Kitchen J. (eds). The Great War in the Middle East. A Clash of Empires. London: Routledge, 2019. 364 p. ISBN 9780367661748 Igor Konstantinovich Bogomolov Pages 264-268
[Review of:] Endoltseva E.Y. Architectural Decoration in Abkhazia in the Period of the Abkhazian Kingdom (8–11 Centuries). Moscow: IOS RAS, 2020. 432 p. ISBN: 978-5-89282-978-6 Zara Akopjan Pages 269-272
Bert G. Fragner (27.11.1941 – 16.12.2021) Pavel Lurje Pages 273-276

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