Issue 6

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Table of contents

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“It Is Favorable to the Forces of Socialism to Keep the Americans in South-East Asia Longer”. The Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee in the Determination of the Strategic Line of the USSR in the Second Indochina War of 1965 Vitaliy Naumkin / Petr P. Skorospelov Pages 6-28
Dimensions and proportions of the rock-cut tombs at the Eastern Field of the Giza Necropolis Sergey V. Vetokhov Pages 29-44
Some reflections on the sacral role of Egyptian royal women of the New Kingdom Vladimir Bolshakov Pages 45-57
On the Dogs-Prostitutes in the Old Testament Nikolai Makkaveev Pages 58-71
Ceramic complexes of the mouth of Wadi el-Hawad: Features of Meroitic pottery under king Natakamani (morphology and archaeometry) Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 72-87
Shadows in the Garden: Women Agents Underground and Communist Activism in Mid-20th Century Iran Lana M. Ravandi-Fadai / McNeer Kevin Pages 88-100
The historical development of decentralisation in Syria Lujain Rabat / Gyulnara Gadzhimuradova Pages 101-111
Iran – “Taliban”: a comparative analysis of relation-ship stages Georgy G. Machitidze Pages 112-123
“If no one goes, then who will pass”: the problem of interpretation of the fifth article of the russian-chinese beijing treaty of 1860 Andrey Kulikov Pages 124-135
Historical background and consequences of the kanal Istanbul construction David Bdoyan Pages 136-147
The Indian Model Of Democracy: Between West and East Aleksei Zakharov / Ekaterina Kosareva Pages 148-159
Problems of identity and separatism of ethnic minorities in the global world: case of Assam, India Alexander A. Stolyarov / Indira A. Gazieva / Arina A. Novikova / Sofya Kiseleva / Amina Muhamethanova / Maria Skorobogatova Pages 160-171
The Memory of the Crusades in the Arabic Folk Epics: Images and Patterns Олег Соколов Pages 172-181
Globalization and the role of English in the countries of South Asia and the Middle East (the case of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan) Marina S. Kameneva / Elena Paymakova Pages 182-190
Royal Epithets in the Historical Onomastics of the Caucasus Alikber Alikberov / Oleg A. Mudrak Pages 191-200
Terms of Personal Prayer in the Qurʼān: a Contextual and Emotional Analysis Vladimir Rozov Pages 201-209
Monument to the Qing Emperor in Korea: the Visible Embodiment of Imperial Policy Dmitry Vasilyev / Alexandr Ryabov / Natalia V. Kuznetsova Pages 210-220
Understanding of Time in Viśiṣṭādvaita Vedānta Ruzana Pskhu / Liliya G. Roman Pages 221-231
The carrier of word-formation meaning in russian and arabic gramatic traditions: the word model in the russian-arabic translation algorithm Raheem Al-Foadi / Victoria Zarytovskaya Pages 232-242
Mongolia In Finno-Ugric Academic And Political Discourse (1840s – 1910s) Aleksei Ye. Zagrebin Pages 243-253
Coins of the Cappadocian Kingdom from the Collection of the Historical State Museum Svyatoslav Smirnov / Evgeniy Zakharov Pages 254-263
New Finding of an Imported Helmet in a Sarmatian Burial on the Right Bank of the Kuban Vyacheslav Glebov / Anton Dedyulkin Pages 264-276
Review: Ramanuja's "Gitabhashya". Translation from Sanskrit and Research by V. S. Sementsov; Introduction and Appendices by R. V. Pskhu; Ed. by R. V. Pskhu; RUDN University. Moscow: "Oriental Literature", 2021. 510 p. (Monuments of the Literatures of the East. CLVII). ISBN 978-5-8381-0383-3 Andrey Paribok / Olga Vecherina Pages 277-281
Victor Ya. Porkhomovsky (04.06.1945-10.10.2022) Nelli Gromova Pages 282-284

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