Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Congratulation to Vitaly V. Naumkin Alikber Alikberov Pages 6-8
An Accession of Unas to the Throne of ATUM (According to the Texts of the Antechamber of Unas' Pyramid, West Wall, Utterances 254–257, 260) Olga Zubova Pages 9-17
Anti-Sufi Controversy in Ottoman Syria (1620–1730) and the Rise of Wahhabism Nikita Krayushkin Pages 18-27
Arab Societies of Neomodernity: Seeking for New Unities Vasily A. Kuznetsov Pages 28-40
Social Inertia: the Methodological Potential of the Concept for the Study of Traditional Eastern Societies Alexey Sarabyev Pages 41-54
Political Identity and its Impact on the Foreign Policy of the States of the Middle East Irina D. Zvyagelskaya / Anastasia Bogacheva / Alexey Davydov / Ibragim Ibragimov / Liudmila Samarskaia / Irina A. Svistunova / Nikolay Y. Surkov Pages 55-73
The Current Situation in Syria and Prospects for its Development Nikolay Sukhov Pages 74-84
Caliphatism in Pan-Islamic Ideological Heritage: Transregional Dimension Svetlana Kirillina / Alexandra Safronova / Vladimir Orlov Pages 85-95
2019 Turn: The New Stage of the “Arab Spring” or Start of the New Paradigm of Political Development? Konstantin Truevtsev Pages 96-105
The Arab East: Old Imbalances and New Challenges Alexander O. Filonik Pages 106-118
Rebalancing the System of International Relation in the Middle East in the 21th Century Alexander I. Yakovlev Pages 119-130
The Jews of Iran: Past and Present Marina S. Kameneva Pages 131-137
Afrasian Zone of Instability and The Riddles of the Russian Strategy Planning Alexander Neklessa Pages 138-148
Historical background of Standoff in Afghanistan and Prospects For Intra Afghan Settlement Mikhail Konarovskii Pages 149-160
Political and Legal Aspects of the U.S.–Iranian Confrontation in the Strait of Hormuz and Adjacent Waters: Legal Interpretations Pavel Gudev Pages 161-176
Names of God in Turkish Versions of the Old Testament Philippe Albert Cassuto / Mikhail Porkhomovskiy Pages 177-186
Of All Things ‘Sacred’, the Structure of Power in the East and West, and of the Eastern and Western Ways of Development (The Answer to the ‘Group of Four’) Alexei Ryabinin Pages 187-199
Harpocrates and the Cult of Fertility: Iconography and Symbolism of Egyptian Graeco-Roman Terracotta Figurines from the Collection of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Olga Vasilyeva / Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 200-211
Golden Tablet of Wu Zetian (624–705) Ekaterina Skrypnik Pages 212-223
[Review of:]. Dyson, Tim. A Population History of India: From the First Modern People to the Present Day. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. 336 p. ISBN978-5-02-039833-7 Vyacheslav Belokrenitsky Pages 224-234
[Review of:] Konstantin Asmolov. Korean Political Culture: Traditions and Transformations. Moscow: Dmitry Pozharsky University, 2017. 697 p. ISBN 978-5-91244-217-9 Natalia Chesnokova Pages 235-240
To the 85th Anniversary of Zare  A. Yusupova Nodar Mossaki / Lana M. Ravandi-Fadai Pages 241-243

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