Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
“Activation” of Ancient Egyptian Expeditionary Efforts under King Djedkare: an Economic or Cultural Phenomenon? Maksim Lebedev Pages 6-18
Stamped Palmettes on Ancient Egyptian Pottery in the Context of the Mediterranean Culture of the Second Half of 1st Millennium B.C. Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 19-34
The Notes on the Early History of the Attalid Dynasty (Political, Legal and Chronological Aspects) Oleg Gabelko / Oleg Klimov Pages 35-50
Acitivities and Authorities of Co-Ruler in the Seleucid Babylonia: the Case of An-tiochus I Katherine Berzon Pages 51-64
The Famine in Egypt under Ptolemy ІІІ Euergetes: the Revision of the Date and the List of Sources Andrii Zelinskyi Pages 65-73
Silver Kithara from Old Nisa Anton Dedyulkin Pages 74-81
Observations on the Birth and Development of the Sasanian Rock Reliefs Craft Tradition Callieri Pierfrancesco Pages 82-97
“Tarih al-Wuzara” as a Source on the History of Khwarazm Dmitriy Timokhin Pages 98-107
Asian Center of Development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies Alexander V. Akimov / Nina N. Tsvetkova Pages 108-121
Indian Dargah in Dynamics: Everyday Life and Holidays on the Sacred Location Gleb Stukalin Pages 122-133
Religious conflicts as a «push factor» of Migrations from Tropical Africa to Europe Larisa Andreeva Pages 134-144
Semantics in the Rabbinic Literature of the Talmudic Period (1st–4th AD) Lapidus Rina Pages 145-153
Prophetic Sunnah and Hadiths on the Historical Roots of Intra-Islamic Disunity: Sunnis, Shiites, Emirs and Vezirs Farid Asadullin Pages 154-167
Turkish Literature and Folklore in Manuscripts of the Collection of the Yalta Historical and Literary Museum Tatiana Anikeeva Pages 168-174
Matteo Ricci’s Dell’Amicizia as Medium for Successful Christian Proselytization in Ming China Dinara V. Dubrovskaya Pages 175-186
Lu You’s Poetic Image in the Thoughts of Three Spiritual Leaders in China’s Early Modern Era Zhang Yi Pages 187-192
Egyptian Truncated Female Figurines in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow Olga Tomashevich / Evgeniia Anokhina Pages 193-210
Once Again to the Dating of the Portrait of the Egyptian Queen in the Collection of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (I,1a 5355) Vladimir Bolshakov Pages 211-218
[Review of:] Chvyr’ L.A. Essays on cultural synthesis in Turkestan (1st–2nd millennium AD). Moscow, Saint Petersburg: Nestor-Istoria, 2018. 240 p. ISBN 978-5-4469-1544-6 Tatyana Emelyanenko Pages 219-221
[Review of:] Kolesnikova M. A. The Turkish Crescent over Africa. Tula: “Akvarius”, 2018, 240 p., ill. ISBN 978-5-8125-2415-9 Irina Svistunova Pages 222-224
IN MEMORIAM Hari Sankar Vasudevan Editor Journal "Vostok" Pages 225-227

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