Issue 1

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Table of contents

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A Word from Editor-in-Chief Editor Journal "Vostok" Pages 6-7
Where Was Madīnat al-Khaṭṭ, The Sasanid Stronghold In North-Eastern Arabia? Dmitry Mishin Pages 8-16
Reflection of Mongolian Imperial Ideas in the Medieval Georgian Sources Yuliy Drobyshev Pages 17-27
What Lies Ahead: Main Trends and Contradictions of Economic Growth in Developed and Developing Countries on the Threshold of the 2020s Alexander V. Akimov / Vitalii A. Meliantsev Pages 28-41
Competitive Advantages of Tourism Business in Arab Countries Svetlana Rastvortseva / Fariza Palchaeva Pages 42-53
The Russian-Mongolian Relations in the Second Half of the 17th Century. Mark Gol’man Pages 54-67
Between Reality and Fiction: Peace Negotiations of General N.N. Muraviev on “Recognition of the Independence of Shamil`s Imamate under Russian Protectorate” (1855–1856) Patimat Takhnaeva Pages 68-81
Perception of Geographical Destinations of 19th Century Arab Slave Trade in Modern Tanzania: Field Research Results Anastasia Banschikova / Valentina Bryndina / Oksana V. Ivanchenko Pages 82-93
Political and Legal Aspects of the U.S.–Iranian Confrontation in the Strait of Hormuz and Adjacent Waters According to Different Versions of Events Pavel Gudev Pages 94-110
A Sketch of Russian Language Study in Central Province of Zhili during the Qing Dynasty in the End of 18th Century – the Beginning of 20th Century (the Example of Tianjin) Pavel Lapin Pages 111-127
Movement for the Restoration of Monarchy after the Xinhai Revolution (Data from Russian Archives). Early Stage of the Activity of Zongshedang Party Sergius Kuzmin / Sergey Dmitriev Pages 128-136
“A Bouquet from Four Flower Gardens of Prosperity”: Palace Servants of the Great Mughals Eugenia Yu. Vanina Pages 137-150
The Problem of Translation of the Bible in the Malay Language and Its Impact on Interconfesssional Relations in Malaysia Victor Pogadaev Pages 151-159
G. Roerich’s Contribution to Russian Indology Alla M. Shustova Pages 160-177
Harpocrates with a Pot: Egyptian Terracotta Figurines of Graeco-Roman Period from the Collection of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Olga A. Vasilyeva / Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 178-190
Tamgas and Runic Inscription on Two Vessels from Muruisky Island on the Angara River Vladimir V. Tishin / Alexey Rogozhinskiy / Nikolai Seregin Pages 191-206
Correspondence between Nicholas of Japan and Baron F. R. Osten-Sacken Andrey Kulikov Pages 207-217
[Review of:] Perepiolkin L. S. East in the East, in Russia and in the West: cross-border migrations and diasporas. Ed. S. A. Panarin. Saint Petersburg: Institute of Oriental Studies of the RAS, Nestor-Istoriia, 2016, 314 p. ISBN 978-5-4469-0883-7 Lev Perepiolkin Pages 218-223
[Review of:] Olferiev S.P. In the Headwaters of the Tiger. A Diary and Travelogue, Compiled by the Court Adviser Olferiev during a Trip to the Nestorian Lands in the Fall of 1912 / S.P. Olferiev; Comp. by I.V. Zaitsev; RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) Archive, Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INION), 2017. 398 p. Il. ISBN 978-5-248-00861-2 Nodar Mossaki Pages 224-227
IN MEMORIAM SERGEI KONSTANTINOVICH ROSCHIN (1930–2019) Editor Journal "Vostok" Pages 228-230

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