Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Contemporary discussion on politogenesis among the nomadic pastoralists Nikolay Kradin Pages 6-23
“Land” as territorial state: cross-cultural analysis of the early state forms Alikber Alikberov Pages 24-38
The problem of Vassalage in the West and the East: relations of the Qing Empire with Mongolia and Tibet Sergius Kuzmin Pages 39-54
Banū Kinda in Hadjar in the second half of the 6th century Dmitry Mishin Pages 55-65
The Angkor Borei Inscription K. 557/600 from Cambodia: An English translation and commentary Anton Zakharov Pages 66-80
Essay on the history of teaching Russian language in Xinjiang during the Qing Dynasty since the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century Pavel Lapin Pages 81-92
Revisiting Liu Xie’s concept of the genre and its place in the early medieval Chinese literary theory Lidiya Stezhenskaya Pages 93-121
Value orientations of the Afrasian zone of instability: gender dimensions Andrey Korotayev / Kira V. Meshcherina / Elena Slinko / Alisa Shishkina Pages 122-154
Islamic education and social mobility in the Circassian Sultanate (1382–1517) Evgeny Zelenev / Milana Iliushina Pages 155-166
China’s place in priorities of Mexico’s foreign economic policy Ekaterina Kosevich Pages 167-179
Group of strategic vision “Russia – Islamic world” as a soft power tool in the foreign policy of the Russian Federation Radik Gimatdinov / Ildar Nasyrov Pages 180-195
To the question of a term “cultural space of Chinese hieroglyphics” Marina Zhantsanova / Marina Khaidapova Pages 196-202
Innovations in the study of Egyptian ceramics 3rd thousand B.U.: problems and perspectives Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 203-213
Kutsenkov A. A. Studies in Indian civil law. Pt. 1. Moscow: Institute of Oriental Studies, 2017, 196 pp.; Pt. 2. Civil society: organization and movements. Moscow: Institute of Oriental Studies, 2018. 280 pp.; Pt. 3. “The sovereign right of the people” and the legitimacy of the authorities. Moscow: Institute of Oriental Studies, 2018. 212 pp. Vyacheslav Belokrenitsky Pages 214-223
Vassilkov Ya. V. “Storm-struggling Traveller”: Life and Works of Gerasim Lebedev (1749–1817). Saint Petersburg: Russian Academy of Sciences Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, 2017. 508 pp., ill. Tatiana Skorokhodova Pages 224-228
Economic Development in Africa Report 2018: Migration for Structural Transformation. UNCTAD, New York and Geneva, 2018. 204 pp Valery Morozov / Inna Rybalkina Pages 229-235
PERSONALIA In memoriam
Sergej Naumovich Kamenev (1951–2018) Colleagues and friends Pages 236-238

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