Issue 4

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Memphite Region and the Eastern Mediterranean in the 1st Millennium A.D.: More on Provincial Trade of the Roman and Byzantine Empires Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 6-22
Recent Researches of Insular Southeast Asia and the Problem of Srivijaya Anton Zakharov Pages 23-35
Simulating the Specification Forms of Indian Copper-Plate Charters of Chandra, Varmana, and Sena Dynasties Alexander A. Stolyarov Pages 36-47
Ideology of the Mongol World Domination in “The Collection of Chronicles” by Rashid al-Din Yuliy Drobyshev Pages 48-58
Slavery Relations in the Khanate of Khiva (based on archival documents) Feruza Tadjiyeva Pages 59-68
Features of the Activities of Political Agents in the Tribal Area of the North-West Frontier Province of British India (1919–1939) Evgeniy Kryzhko / Sergey Natalevich Pages 69-79
India’s Semicondactor Policy Amidst Geopolitical Turbulence Ellina P. Shavlay Pages 80-89
Pension System for the Rural Areas in Actual Social and Economic Conditions in China Liubov Lebedintseva / Pavel P. Deriugin / Natalia Simonenko Pages 90-102
"Aegean Dispute" in Turkish-Greek Relations Aleksandra Atrashkevich / Sergei Panarin Pages 103-113
The Rivalry at the Periphery of the Cold War: the USA, the USSR and the Communist Parties of Spain, Italy and France during the Conflict in Western Sahara (1977–1979) Maxim Bakshaev Pages 114-126
Evolution and prospects of the Central Asian policy of the Republic of Korea Oksana Pugacheva Pages 127-139
Pakistan – Taliban: A Paradoxical Relationship Georgy G. Machitidze Pages 140-151
UAE and Qatar policies towards India: two visions, two strategies Tatiana Tyukaeva Pages 152-163
Russian-Eastern Trade in the Period of Epidemics, Epizootics and Epiphitotics in the XIX Century Vladimir Shkunov Pages 164-174
Afghan Demarcation 1884–1885 and the Government Official Position of the Russian Empire Taisiya Rabush Pages 175-186
The Creation of Dungan Writing in the USSR: Between ‘Sovietization’ and Foreign Policy Calculation, 1920s–1930s Fedor Sinitsyn Pages 187-197
Ethiopia: Reaction of the Religious Landscape to the Change in Religious Policy in the Middle of the 19th – early 21st Centuries Ivan Zakharov Pages 198-210
Identification of Ethno-Confessional Groups in Syria (a Case Study of the Armenian Community in Syria) Aida Petrosyan Pages 211-221
Why Did the Christology of the Syrians Split in Two? Historical and Cultural View (in Order to Discussion) Anton Voytenko Pages 222-233
Shabtis of the XXIst Dynasty in the Collection of the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Bolshakov Pages 234-245
Origins of the ritual of Puliša (CTH 407) Valerii Ivanov Pages 246-264
Review: PANICHI S. La Cappadocia ellenistica sotto gli Ariaratidi ca. 250–100 a.C. Firenze: Leo S. Olschki Editore, 2018. XIV; 132 p. ISBN 978 88 222 6580 7 Oleg Gabelko Pages 265-272
[Review of:] Yin, Kenneth J. Dungan Folktales and Legends. (International Folkloristics, 16). New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2021. 444 pp. Aglaia Starostina Pages 273-277
Olga Pavlovna Vecherina (30.05.1960 – 02.05.2023) Ruzana Pskhu Pages 278-280

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