Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Letter from the Editor-in-Chief Vitaliy Naumkin Pages 6-6
Bone Sleeve with Aramaic Letters from the Sakar-Chaga 3 Burial Ground and the Problem of Contacts of Central Asian Nomads with the Civilizations of Western Asia Archil S. Balakhvantsev / Yurii Polidovych Pages 7-18
Cultural and Economic Type and Archaeological Appearance of the Cimmerians (a Brief Historiographical Review) Sergey Valchak Pages 19-37
About the “Scythian” Akinak from Rusahinili in Front of Mount Eiduru Vyacheslav A. Podobed / Marina Daragan Pages 38-53
«Cimmero-Scythian» antiquities from Central Anatolia Sergey Makhortykh / Nadezhda Kotova Pages 54-77
Details of Headdresses and Diadems from Novozavedennoe-II Barrow Cemetery Vladimir Maslov / Vladimira Petrenko Pages 78-89
The imports from Asia Minor in the Early Scythian monuments in the Kuban region of the North Caucasus Tatyana Ryabkova Pages 90-101
A Helmet of the Archaic Period in the Krasnodar Museum – Problems of Attribution Vladimir Erlikh Pages 102-117
Types of Hellenistic Military Settlements in Royal Letters Ivan Korovchinskiy / Nikolai Makkaveev Pages 118-130
The Arabian Campaigns of Ardashir Pabagan Vladimir Dmitriev Pages 131-142
African Focus of The Global Sanctions Policy: Historical Stages Ivan Zakharov / Ruslan Dmitriev Pages 143-156
Biden Priorities and Possible Strategy for Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Settlement Tatiana Karasova Pages 157-167
Opening of the Russian Consulate General in Khorasan in 1889. The Afghan Aspect Nikita Ishchenko Pages 168-178
On the issue of Russian textile products trade in China in the the second half of the 19th - earle 20th centuries Ildar Hamzin Pages 179-190
The Soviet-Iranian Treaty of 1921: History and Modernity (to the Centenary of Conclusion) Zaven A. Arabadzhyan / Elena Dunaeva / Nina Mamedova Pages 191-202
Modern economic growth of developing countries: the most important trends, proportions, factors and social consequences Vitalii A. Meliantsev Pages 203-212
The Fall of the Princely House of Bhosle: A Three-part Drama in Letters Svetlana Sidorova Pages 213-224
Overseas Chinese Policy of the PRC in the Era of Deng Xiaoping (1977-1992) Alina Afonaseva Pages 225-236
Evolution of the International Movement Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions – BDS Александр Krylov / Nadezda Sorokina Pages 237-249
Review of pre-mongol arab-persian sources on the history of qara khitai state: features of the structure and content Dmitriy Timokhin Pages 250-261
Extract from the “Diwan” of Al-Makzoun Al-Sinjari (Beginning of the 13th Century) Alexey Sarabyev Pages 262-271
[Review of:] Middle East: Politics and Identity. Ed. I.D. Zvyagelskaya; IMEMO RAS. Moscow: "Aspect-Press", 2021. 336 p. ISBN 978-5-7567-1120-2 Alexander I. Yakovlev Pages 272-276

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