Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Beijing Foreign Language School Tung Wen Kuan 同文馆 and teaching of the Russian language (1862–1902) Pavel Lapin Pages 6-20
Dagestan in transnational Sufi Networks: Sheikhs from Kikuni and their shrine in Turkey Vladimir Bobrovnikov Pages 21-36
Egyptian Motifs in the Ceramic Decoration of Meroe Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 37-55
The levels of the Nile floods at Snofru’s time and in the second half of the reign of the 12th dynasty as revealed in the Westcar Papyrus Roman A. Orekhov Pages 56-73
The symbolism of the Frog on the triumphal rod of Ramses II Anna Volovich Pages 74-86
The pyramid complex of Pepi I Merire: a historic and cultural essay Julia Pronina Pages 87-95
About the divinity of the personality of the Dead in the Pyramid Texts Olga Zubova Pages 96-102
Pagan burial practices in the medieval necropolis of Abu Erteila (Sudan) Maksim Lebedev Pages 103-112
Janabai: from a House Maid to Goddess: New Trends in Contemporary Hinduism Irina Glushkova Pages 113-124
Xylographic edition of books in the capital of Northern Mongolia Ikh-Khure in the seventeenth – early twentieth centuries Anna Tsendina Pages 125-136
Asian countries: the digital economy and new technologies Nina N. Tsvetkova Pages 137-153
India’s agriculture and 25 years of economic reform (1991– 2016) Irina Deryugina Pages 154-166
Conference Reviews
The Asian dimension of Russian politics in the views of politicians, scholars and diplomats of the early twentieth century (2018) Vasily Khristoforov Pages 167-171
China and the World: traditions and modernity (2018) Sergey Dmitriev Pages 172-179
Southeast Asia and the South Pacific Region: actual problems of developments in 2017 Ekaterina Astafyeva Pages 180-189
George de Roerich Conference 2017 Elena Tyulina Pages 190-198
Africa and the new system of international relations (2017) Natalia Krylova / Michael V. Kassaye Nygusie Pages 199-205
Critique and Bibliography
The UK and US Academic Discourse on Russia and Eurasia: a Critical Enquiry Galina Yemelianova Pages 206-216
Book Reviews
Review of the book: Robert Darnton. Censors at Work: How States Shaped Literature. M.: New literary review, 2017, 384 p. Svetlana Sidorova Pages 217-221
Review of the book: I. I. Ivanova. Evoliutsiia blizhnevostochnoi politiki Turetskoi Respubliki (1923–2016) (Evolution of the Near East Politics of Turkey, 1923–2016). Moscow: Aspekt Press, 2017. 424 pp. Amur Gadzhiev Pages 222-226
Chvyr L.A. Review of: E. I. Larina, O.B. Naumova. Skvoz' modernizatsiiu. Traditsii v sovremennoi zhizni rossiiskikh kazakhov (Through modernization: traditions in the contemporary life of the Kazakhs). Moscow – Saint Petersburg, Nestor-Istoria, 2016. 304 pp., ill. Luidmila Chvyr Pages 227-231
Review of the book: Bo Ju-yi. Sto stihov jue-ju [Bo Ju-yi. One Hundred Jue-ju Poems] / Translated from wenyan, prefaced and commented by N.A. Orlova. MOSCOW: FGBUN IV RAN PUBL., 2017. – 218 p. – (Ucheny`e zapiski Otdela Kitaya IV RAN [Scientific Notes of the Department of China]. Vol. 25. Ed.: A.I. Kobzev et al.) (in Russian). Maria Rubets Pages 232-240

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