Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Palaces or Funeral Temples? On Functions of the Abidos Enclosures Roman A. Orekhov Pages 6-20
Disputes about Hellenism Archil Balakhvantsev Pages 21-31
Duana's Burial Ground on Ustyurt of the 3rd–4th Centuries A.D. (According to the Archaeological and Anthropological Data) Vadim Yagodin / Egor Kitov / Vadim Yagodin Pages 32-49
References to Genghis Khan in Russian Chronicles Andrey Astaykin / Yuliy Drobyshev Pages 49-59
Selection and Training of Oriental Translators and Interpreters of the Russian Ambassadorial Chancellery in the 17th Century Dusmamat Kulmamatov Pages 60-71
About the Residents of the Indian Trading Yard in Astrakhan (on the Materials of the 18th Century) Kseniia Nikolskaia Pages 72-82
Russian Military Intelligence in Persia in 1879–1905: the Role of the Per-sian Cossack Brigade Oleg Gokov Pages 83-93
Documentary Collection as an Instrument of “Soft Power” in Russian-Mongolian Relationships. Thoughts of Historiographers Leonid Kuras / Boris Bazarov Pages 94-101
African Migration to Italy: Causes, Local Ethnic Communities and Integration Process Varvara Slivkina / Tatiana S. Pronina Pages 102-112
The Rural Agricultural Neighbors’ Communities: Logic vs History Leonid Alaev Pages 113-125
Reception of the Idea of Confucius Sagacity in PRC’s Philosophical Thought (1949–1976) Tatiana Klementeva Pages 126-137
Urdu Language, Its Role and Status in Pakistan Ludmila Vasilyeva Pages 138-149
The Laughing Culture of the Peoples of Mali and Guinea (Senankuya) Olga Zavyalova / Petr A. Kutsenkov Pages 150-160
Portraits of the Modern Turkish Authors and Readers Maria Repenkova Pages 161-168
Translations from Tibetan Language: Principles, Goals, Methods, History, and Modernity Boris Erokhin Pages 169-179
Movement for the Restoration of Monarchy after the Xinhai Revolution (Data from Russian Archives). Restoration of the Qing Monarchy by Zhang Xun Sergius Kuzmin / Sergey Dmitriev Pages 180-195
Historical Experience in the Implementation of Strategies for Spatial Regional Development in China (1949–2019) Svetlana B. Makeeva Pages 196-206
Austrian Pioneers of South Arabian Studies Vitaliy Naumkin Pages 207-226
On Understanding of Some Fragments in the Hieroglyphic Satrap Stela Ivan Ladynin Pages 227-241
[Review of:] Russian-Mongolian Military Cooperation (1911–1946). Collection of Documents. 2nd ed. Pt. I – 360 pp., Pt. II – 328 pp. Moscow: “Granitsa”, 2019. ISBN 978-45-9933-0196-9; ISBN 978-45-9933-0197-6 (Pt. I); ISBN 978-45-9933-0198-3 (Pt. 2). Vladimir Grayvoronskiy Pages 242-246
[Review of:] Shimon Peres. No Room for Small Dreams. Courage, Imagi-nation, and the Making of Modern Israel. Мoscow: “Mann, Ivanov & Fer-ber”, 2020. 320 р. Alexander Lokshin Pages 247-253
IN MEMORIAM Stanisław Robert Kuczera Editor Journal "Vostok" Pages 254-258

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