Issue 6

  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Paradoxes of the Idea of Progress and Cultural Memory in Ancient Egypt: an answer to Vladimir Emelianov Ivan Ladynin Pages 6-21
The development of Anatolian hieroglyphs in the context of Hittite-Luwian bilingualism Ilya Yakubovich Pages 22-34
The Qianling mausoleum and its perception by its contemporaries Ekaterina Skrypnik Pages 35-46
The Institution of Comitatus among the Turks of Inner Asia (the Main Points of the Interpretation of Written and Archaeological Sources) Nikolai Seregin / Vladimir V. Tishin Pages 47-65
The Emirs in Early-Bahrite Egypt (1252–1279) and their dynamics Aleksandr Filippov Pages 66-77
Chronology and routes of the Arab campaigns in Dagestan during Marwan ibn Muhammad’s viceroyalty in the Caucasus Igor Semyonov Pages 78-90
The Balfour Declaration in up-to-date political discourse Dmitry Sheveliov Pages 91-104
The interplay of Qadimism and Jadidism in twentiethcentury Dagestan: a longitudinal view on the teaching of Arabic language and Islam Michael Kemper / Shamil Shikhaliev Pages 105-123
The nudity of hermits in monastic literature and its symbolic value Eugenia Smagina Pages 142-149
M. K. Gandhi’s understanding of his native religion: unique features and universalism in Hinduism Elena Bitinayte Pages 150-161
Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa in Moscow: social distinctions and life strategies Dmitri Bondarenko Pages 162-171
The Pueblo Incident: Locating the “Hidden” Spy Ship Bill Streifer Pages 172-183
Russia and the global competition for Africa: the military dimension Sergey Kostelyanets / Obidozie Afamefuna A. Okeke Pages 184-198
Chinese expansion: a European view Karina Gemueva / Alexander I. Salitsky / Nelli Semenova Pages 199-210
German-Iranian relations in the military-political sphere at the present stage Philipp Trunov Pages 211-221
Visual representations of the Tibetan Diaspora in India in the Video Archive of the Central University of Tibetan Studies Boris Bazarov / Oleg Rinchinov / Dugar Garmaev Pages 222-230
Book Review
Review of the book: S.O. Kurbanov. Razmyshleniia ob istoricheskoi nauke i roli lichnosti v istorii (s primerami iz istorii Korei) (Reflections on historical science and the role of individual in history: with examples from Korean history). Saint Petersburg, 2016. 212 pp. Natalia Chesnokova Pages 231-234
Review of the book: Cultural Genocide in Tibet: A Report. Dharamsala: The Tibet Policy Institute; The Department of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration (Drafting Committee: T. Samphel, B.D. Sonam, R. Dorjee, T. Desal) Sergius Kuzmin Pages 235-240

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