Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
“Clear away the sand from your face”: some features of the ancient Egyptian bur-ial rites in the second half of the III millennium BC Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 6-20
History of Meroitic archaeological complexes of Wadi al-Hawad (Sudan) Maksim Lebedev Pages 21-48
The eastern campaigns of Shapur II Vladimir Dmitriev Pages 49-63
The question of the double datings of events in the work by en-Nasavi Dmitriy Timokhin Pages 64-75
Contemporary Islamism: an analysis of its functions and features Leonid Grinin / Andrey Korotayev Pages 92-114
The Islamist movement and Arabic crisis in context of the contemporary tendencies of the society development Boris Dolgov Pages 115-125
Historical legacies and gender attitudes in the Middle East Veronika Kostenko / Eduard Ponarin / Olga Strebkova Pages 126-146
The strengthening of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in political system of Iran and the risk of political imbalance Dmitriy B. Grafov Pages 147-157
‘Nixon shocks’ and their implications for the Japanese diplomacy Dmitry Streltsov Pages 158-171
Japan – “Global South”: the evolution of economic relations Irina Timonina Pages 172-186
Specifics of non-tariff regulation in Kazakhstan’s trade policy Yulia Sudakova Pages 187-201
Ahmad Zaki: the founder of Arabic punctuation Vitaly Vasilyev Pages 202-211
Book Reviews
Sacred Mandates. Asian International Relations since Chinggis Khan (ed. by T. Brook, M. van Walt van Praag and M. Boltjes). Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2018, 277 pp. Sergius Kuzmin Pages 212-216
V. A. Melyantsev, L. H. Matiunina. Essays on macroeconomic and fi-nancial development of the countries of East and West (1980–2010s). M.: Kliuch-C, 2019. 192 p. Alexander Akimov Pages 217-220
Sacred in the traditional East. Executive ed. A. L. Ryabinin; ed.-comp. D. D. Vasiliev, O. A. Koroleva, N. I. Fomina; Institute of Oriental stud-ies RAS. M.: Institute of Oriental studies RAS, 2017. 576 p. Natalia Zheleznova / Mark Ulyanov / Natalia Orlova / Sergey Dmitriev Pages 221-232
A New Rival State? Australia in Tsarist Diplomatic Communications. Ed. by Alexander Massov, Marina Pollard, KevinWindle. Canberra, ANU Press, 2018, 353 p. Natalia Skorobogatykh Pages 233-238

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