Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Perceptions of Alcoholic Drinks in Ancient India: Theory and Practice Anton Zakharov Pages 6-19
The Seleukids and Elam in the 2nd c. BC. Katherine Berzon Pages 20-27
Rejected pottery in Gebel Barkal: Revisiting the localisation of ceramic workshops in the Kingdom of Meroe (Sudan) Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 28-42
Institutional Solutions for the Post-conflict Development of the Chechen Republic Tatiana Litvinova Pages 43-54
Strategic priorities of the DRV and the US during the Second Indochina War Vladimir Kolotov Pages 55-67
Cooperation between the UN and ECOWAS in the field of peacekeeping Irina R. Iutiaeva Pages 68-79
What Sir Creek means to Pakistan: An Economic Need and a Military Necessity Gleb G. Makarevich Pages 80-88
PRC Economic Policy in Africa: “China, Inc.” vs. Active Private Sector Participation Andrei Volynskii / Anastasiia RIABCHUKOVA Pages 89-96
“He Was a Friend of Our Fatherland”: the Personal Image and Role of Li Hong-Zhang as a Signatory of the Shimonoseki and Moscow Treaties of 1895–1896 (Russian Perception) Valentin Golovachev Pages 97-109
Peculiarities of the USSR’s Foreign Policy Decision Making towards the Islamic Republic of Iran Denis Volkov Pages 110-122
The Lynn White's challenge: African independent Churches (AIC) and ecological consciousnesSS Larisa Andreeva Pages 123-134
The Traditional Culture of Dogon (Mali) in the Context of Islamic Civilization. Petr A. Kutsenkov Pages 135-145
Revisiting the Question of the Time and Place of Writing of the Caucasian Albanian Palimpsest According to Numismatic Data (Part II) Alexander V. Akopyan Pages 146-159
Chinggisid and Persian Office Culture in the Work of Muhammad Nakhchivani “Dastur al-katib” Lenar Abzalov / Yuliy Drobyshev Pages 160-170
The Way Athanasius Kircher Illustrated China in His “China Illustrata” (1667) Dinara V. Dubrovskaya Pages 171-180
Sex-Related Invectives in the Arabic Language Victor Pallades Pages 181-196
Józef Kowalewski’s Diary Entry on Secret Societies in China in the Beginning of the 19th Century. Lidiya Stezhenskaya Pages 197-204
The Sinologist A.O. Ivanovsky and his Study of Materials on the Peoples in Southwestern China Anna Kharitonova Pages 205-216
Assessments by modern English-speaking historians of the policy of the Comintern in Africa Ilya Suzdaltsev Pages 217-226
On the crossing: russian mongolian archaeologist Vitaly Volkov (rememberence-cum-article) Sergei Panarin Pages 227-239
Majdud Sanae and “The Tanzih Chapter” from his poem “The Garden of the Truth…” Andrey Lukashev Pages 240-252
Bartolomäus Ziegenbalg on the Religion of the Indian South Kseniia D. Nikolskaia Pages 253-268
The Role of A Woman in Jewish World / Ed. by E. Khlebnikova. Moscow: IOS RAS, 2020. 338 p. ISBN 978-5-907384-11-8 Elena Ed. Nosenko-Stein Pages 269-272

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