Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The ways and types of calendar festivals description in Ancient Egyptian texts Alexandra Mironova Pages 6-18
Reflection of Mongolian imperial ideas in the medieval Syrian sources Yuliy Drobyshev Pages 19-30
Al-Ashraf Īnāl (1453–1461) and al-Zāhir Khushqadam (1461–1467): the patterns of Mamluk political elite formation Milana Iliushina Pages 31-41
Socio-economic aspects of human capital development in Russia and China Yulia A. Seliverstova Pages 42-53
The State and The Muslim Ummah: Mechanisms of Administration and Interaction in Russia and the Arab World Vitaliy Naumkin / Islam Zaripov / Vasily A. Kuznetsov / Vladimir Orlov Pages 54-69
Towns and trade routes in the Indus valley before the english conquest Vyacheslav Ya. Belokrenitsky Pages 70-81
Indian Princely States versus British Empire: Historical Interaction of Political Traditions Alexandra Safronova Pages 82-92
Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka Olga Vorkunova Pages 93-105
Confucian Classical Studies in the Sui Period and the Fate of the Northern Exegetical School (4th Century AD – beginning of the 7th century AD) Olga A. Bonch-Osmolovskaya Pages 106-117
From Testimony to Martyrdom: šāhid and šahīd in early Muslim Exegesis and Hadith Pavel V. Basharin Pages 118-129
Iran's Cultural Heritage in the “Soft Power” Arsenal of the Islamic Republic of Iran Aida Soboleva / Elahe Karimi Riabi Pages 130-143
Luoyang Column, the Second Epigraphic Monuments of the ‘Luminous Religion’ (jingjiao), and the Chinese ‘Nestorian’ Canon Dinara V. Dubrovskaya Pages 144-157
The Gunbad Manuscript of “Kitab-i Dedem Korkut” as a New Source in the Study of the Epic Tatiana Anikeeva Pages 166-174
G. Roerich on peculiar features of ancient nomadic tribes of Tibet Alla Shustova Pages 175-185
The history of the formation of a system of regional studies in China (19th–21th) Svetlana B. Makeeva Pages 186-198
“Somali syntax” in USSR, RF and USA Georgy Kapchits Pages 199-205
Once again to the Question of the Role of Manchu Historical Texts for the Study of the History of East Asia in the Middle Ages (Reflections on the Anniversary of the Scholar) Gennady Pikov Pages 206-212
Egyptian terracotta figurines as a reflection of “popular” religion: cult devotees and female figurines of fertility from the collection of V.S. Golenischev (Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow) Olga A. Vasilyeva / Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 213-229
Numismatics of Safavid Iran (Brief Review) Alexander V. Akopyan Pages 230-249
[Review of:] Golovachev V.Ts. Excursion to Formosa. The Ethnographic trip by Paul Ibis. Moscow: “Ves’ Mir”, 2019, 276 p. ISBN: 978-5-7777-0781-9 Vassili Molodiakov Pages 250-252
Orlova K. [Review of:] Valeev R.M., Zhukov V.Yu., Kulganek I.V., Martynov D.E., Polyanskaya O.N. Biography and Academic Legacy of the Orientalist Jòzef Kowalewski (based on the Materials from Archives and Manuscript Collections) / R.M. Valeev and I.V. Kulganek (ed.). Saint Petersburg – Kazan: Saint Petersburg Centre for Oriental Studies Publisher, 2020. – 440 p. ISBN 978-5-85803-537-4. Keemia Orlova Pages 253-257
Dmitry D. VASILYEV (1946–2021) Alexei Ryabinin Pages 258-260
Sergey V. KULLANDA (1954–2020) Archil S. Balakhvantsev Pages 261-262

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