Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Anniversary of Academician Boris V. Bazarov Editor Journal "Vostok" Pages 6-8
Results of the Test Season of the Iraqi-Russian Expedition at Tell Dehaila-1 Alexei Jankowski-Diakonoff / Daniel Calderbank / Jaafar Jotheri / Vassily Novikov Pages 9-21
An unusual example of beheading in an Old Kingdom burial at Giza (Egypt) Maksim Lebedev / Maria V. Dobrovolskaya / Maria Mednikova Pages 22-35
The Most Ancient Tin Bronzes in the North-Western Caucasus. New Data Vladimir Erlikh / Evgeny I. Gak Pages 36-53
Reconstruction of the Mine Temple at Abu Erteila by Surviving Architectural Details Sergey V. Vetokhov Pages 54-67
Underwater Archaeological Research off the Coast of the Syrian Arab Republic: History and Modern Research Victor Lebedinski / Dmitryi Tatarkov / Julia Pronina Pages 68-81
Duana's Burial Ground on Ustyurt of the 2rd–3th Centuries A.D. (According to the Archaeological and Anthropological Data) Egor Kitov / Vadim Yagodin / Vadim Yagodin Pages 82-96
Axiological Approach to Studies of the International Communicative Strat-egies of the Soviet Union in India (based on works of L.V. Mitrokhin) Olga A. Nesterova / Olga L. Solodkova Pages 97-105
Russian Presence in the Markets of Central and East Africa: Case Studies of Republic of the Congo and Republic of Kenya Kirill Nikulin Pages 106-118
Destinies of the Russian Language in Kazakhstan: Reconsidering Tools and Goals of Russia's “Soft Power” Igor Savin / Natalya Kosmarskaya Pages 119-130
Influence of Religious Identity on Lebanon’s Political System Gyulnara Gadzhimuradova / Lujain Rabat Pages 131-141
Media Network as a Multiplier of ISIS’s Power Aleksei Vasiliev / Natalia Zherlitsyna Pages 142-152
African Youth Facing the Global Challenges of the 21th Century: Life Trajectories and Social Practices Maiya Yadova Pages 153-160
China: Overcoming the Crisis Alexander I. Salitsky / Nelli Semenova Pages 161-171
Situation at the Afghan – Pakistan Border in thq 1980-s Taisiya Rabush Pages 172-184
India-China Political and Military Cooperation in the Shadow of Distrust Ellina P. Shavlay Pages 185-195
The ideas of cleanliness among the Turks of Central Asia in 11-12 cc. Tatiana Anikeeva Pages 196-204
Speaking with Birds in Chinese. Franciscan Thought on the Middle Kingdom Proselytization Dinara V. Dubrovskaya Pages 205-213
To the Centenary of the Indonesian Writer Utuy Tatang Sontani Vilen V. Sikorsky Pages 214-224
Austrian Pioneers of South Arabian Studies: Science, Politics, Intelligence Vitaliy Naumkin Pages 225-242
The First Campaign Medal of Indonesia – Saptamarga Anton Zakharov Pages 243-248
[Review of:] Mukhanov V.M. “Socialism of Winegrowers”, or History of the First Georgian Republic: 1917–1921. Moscow: Kuchkovo pole, 2019. 928 p. Archil S. Balakhvantsev Pages 249-253
Anatoly A. Kutsenkov Eugenia Yu. Vanina / Editor Journal "Vostok" / Valeriy Kashin Pages 254-254
IN MEMORIAM Badr al-Zamān Qarīb (1929–2020) Elena Molchanova / Cherkunova Alexandra Pages 255-256

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