Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On the two Epithets of Mithra in Yasht 10.112 Hanna Vertiienko / Anna Bocharnikova Pages 6-17
The Potter’s Wheel in Ancient Egypt at the Second Half of the 1st Millennium BCE: Foreign Influence or Technological Progress? Victoria I. Yarmolovich Pages 18-31
Alexander the Great and Chorasmia Archil S. Balakhvantsev / Bolelov Sergey Pages 32-38
With the Elephants against the Persians: The Elephantry of Ancient Aethiopia Arkady Abakumov Pages 39-46
Hadjar in the 2nd to the 7th Century Dmitry Mishin Pages 47-56
Development of air and sea transport in the GCC in the context of the transition to sustainable development Elmira Imamkulieva Pages 57-64
Small and Medium Enterprise Development in Fragile Contexts: Analyzing the Experience of Afghanistan Denis Elagin Pages 65-77
Participation of Nikolay Notovich in the English-Russian rivalry in Afghanistan in the mid-1880s. Nikita Ishchenko Pages 78-84
Soviet-Korean Relations before of and during the War of 1950–1953 Nikolay Bugay Pages 85-95
Russia's Peace Mediation in Africa: an Assessment Sergey Kostelyanets Pages 96-106
Distinctions of Kurds Nationalist Movement in Iraq and Turkey (1958-1979): Comparative Analysis Ilia Vedeneev Pages 107-117
The Syrian Crisis (2011–2020): the Inception Boris Dolgov Pages 118-128
Iran in 2020: under the yoke of sanctions and coronavirus Elena Dunaeva / Nina Mamedova Pages 129-140
Ethno-Cultural Images at Central Asia: National Costume Luidmila Chvyr Pages 153-163
The theme of Tibet in the works of modern Chinese painters Luo Zhongli and Ai Xuan Vera Belozerova Pages 164-174
The phenomenon of hidden quotation in the medieval indian treatise “Upadesamrita” Ekaterina Karimova / Mikhail Subotyalov / Vadim Vladimirovich Pages 175-183
Orientation, navigation and seafaring in Malay Islamic Historiography from the 14th to 19th centuries Tatiana Denisova Pages 184-195
Historian of the Orient in an Era of Change: Works of V.V. Struve and the Session of the Academy of Sciences of USSR in July 1936 Sergey Krikh / Mikhail Bukharin Pages 196-206
Duiwen and Dui Dialogic Genres in The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons by Liu Xie. Russian Translation of Chapters XIV and XXIV of Liu Xie’s Treatise Lidiya Stezhenskaya Pages 207-222
New facts on the distribution of Egyptian antiquities from the “Gift of Khedive”, 1894–1895 (after the documents from RSHA) Nikolay Tarasenko Pages 223-241
Review of Dubrovskaya D. V. Lang Shining, or Giuseppe Castiglione at the Court of the Son of Heaven Maria S. Kruglova Pages 242-245
Anikeeva T.A., Zaitsev I.V. Turkic, Arabic and Persian manuscripts, lithographs and books of the Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languages in the Collection of the Scientific Library of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation / Anikeeva T.A., Zaitsev I.V.; Institute of the Oriental Studies of RAS. - M.: Science - Vost. lit., 2020 . - 263 p., ill. Makhach Musaev Pages 246-249
Review: Prudnikov V. V. Deus adiuva! Norman Knights in Anatolia in 11th–12th centuries / ed. by D. D. Vasiliev. – M .: IOS RAS Press, 2019. – 312 p., Ill. Vladimir V. Tishin Pages 250-254
Maria F. Vidiasova. Fate of a Magribist Vasily A. Kuznetsov Pages 255-257
In Memory of Oleg Y. Nepomnin Editor Journal "Vostok" Pages 258-260

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