Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
“Retention” of Sorcery and Exorcism in Today’s Soqotran Culture Vitaliy Naumkin / Leonid Kogan / Ekaterina Koloskova Pages 6-25
Excavation of the Western Suburban Complex of Bol’shoy K’irk-K’iz in 2022 Archil S. Balakhvantsev / Taisiya Dvurechenskaya Pages 26-36
Meroitic building techniques: some observations from Abu Erteila (Sudan). Сonstruction materials and methods. Sergey V. Vetokhov Pages 37-55
Egypt and the Levant in the 1st millennium B.C. on the ceramic material of the Memphite region: New data Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 56-68
A Taxation in Old Turkic States. Part 2: Settled Agricultural Subjects of the he Western Türks Vladimir V. Tishin Pages 69-80
History of the Gurid state in Muslim sources XII - XIII centuries Dmitriy Timokhin Pages 81-92
Socio-economic Origins of the Apartheid Regime in South Africa Sidorenko Leonid Pages 93-103
Crisis financial contagion in African countries: essence, features, assessments Anton O. Ovcharov Pages 104-118
The Shi'a movements and proxy groups in context of the Middle Eastern policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Alexander Kuznetsov Pages 119-130
"Hu Line" and the problem of imbalance in China's territorial development Stanislav Mazhinskiy Pages 131-141
Taiwan, China and the Meta-civilizational World System of Eastern Asia: Towards a New Vision of Asian Globality Vladimir Malyavin Pages 142-152
Afghan Assessements of the Southern Turkmans Territories's State Affiliation during Russian-Afghan Demarcation 1884-1888 Nikita Ishchenko Pages 153-164
Formation of the borders of Kazakhstan: discussions and solutions in the first twenty years of soviet power Andrey Bykov / Pages 165-180
The Khalkhin Gol Conflict and Japan’s Foreign Policy in 1939 – early 1941 (Review of Japanese Historiography) Gregory Popov / Kouta Kasahara / Stanislav Davydov / Oleg Kazenkov Pages 181-192
Christian Education in India and Japan in the 19th Century / Evgeniya Desnitskaya Pages 193-204
Sanskrit Legacy, The National Armed Forces, and Modern Political Culture of Indonesia Anton Zakharov Pages 205-214
Protestant Missionary Accounts of Chinese Secret Societies in the Beginning of the 19th Century Lidiya Stezhenskaya Pages 215-222
‘South Asia’: Construction and Deconstruction of Spaces and Institutions. Part I Irina Glushkova Pages 223-235
Hittite administrative texts from Tapigga / Maşat-Höyük: A brief overview Boris Alexandrov Pages 236-252
Metal of the "Cimmerian elite" of the North Caucasus ( on the materials of tomb 3 of the Terese burial ground) Vladimir Erlikh / N.V. Eniosova / Irina Rassokhina Pages 253-278
[Review of:] Brusadelli F. Confucian concord: reform, utopia and global teleology in Kang Youwei’s Datong Shu (Ideas, History, and Modern China, Vol. 24). Leiden – Boston: Brill, 2020. ix, 197 p. ISBN 978-90-04-43444-8 Dmitry Martynov Pages 279-283
[Review of:] Nancy Elly KHEDOURI. FROM OUR BEGINNING TO PRESENT DAY. Second Edition. Bahrain: Al-Manar Press, 2008, 586 pp. ISBN 978-99901-26-06-8 Liudmila Samarskaia Pages 284-288

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