Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Usage of Pepi I’s personal and throne name in the textual program of his pyramid Julia Pronina Pages 6-19
Sultan Jaqmaq’s domestic and foreign policies (842–857/1438–1453) Milana Iliushina Pages 20-33
Transformation of traditional culture: the role of the Ganda female initiation rite (Uganda) Alina O. Lapushkina Pages 34-41
The community of the Russian Orthodox Old-Believer Church in Uganda Oleg Kavykin / Larisa Andreeva Pages 42-50
Oral Traditions of Endé Village (The Dogon Country) Petr Kutsenkov Pages 51-59
USA – China: the anatomy of the trade conflict Alexander I. Salitsky / Nelli Semenova Pages 60-72
Hybridization of French soft power in Africa under Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande Asiya Khalitova Pages 73-84
The history of Samarkand branch of the Azov-Don commercial bank Bakhtiyor A. Alimdjanov Pages 85-94
Nomadic cattle breeding in Kazakhstan and Mongolia as a factor in the development of agriculture in the XX–XXI centuries. Irina Deryugina Pages 95-105
“Wrong marriages” in the Indian Tradition Kseniia D. Nikolskaia Pages 106-116
Reflection of Mongolian Imperial Ideas in the Medieval Armenian Sources Yuliy Drobyshev Pages 117-134
The Problem of the Authorship of the First Arabic Psalter Poetic Translation Oxana Tikhonova / Larisa Shakunova Pages 135-145
Interaction of Main Islamic Mystical Centers in the 9th–10th Centuries Nikita Krayushkin Pages 146-155
Actualization of the Concept “Face” in the Chinese Linguistic Worldview Fatimabibi Daulet Pages 156-176
Chesnokova N. A. Shin Gyeongjun (1712–1781) and His The Description of Mountains (Sangyeongpyo). The First Korean Proto-Scientific Classification of the Mountains of the Korean Peninsula. Natalia Chesnokova Pages 177-190
First-Hand and Second-Hand Scientific Reception of the European Mathematic in the Edo Period (1603–1867) Japan through Chinese Translations Evgeny Philippov Pages 191-207
Description of manuscripts, collected by the Trebizond expedition in the summer of 1917 Anna Tsypkina Pages 208-219
[Review of:] Stanyukovich M. V., Kasatkina A. K. (eds.). Museum collections and modern culture of the peoples of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Oceania. (Festschrift of the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Vol. LXV). Sankt Petersburg: Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2018. 240 p. ISBN 978-5-88431-352-1 Liubov Goriaeva Pages 220-222
[Review of:] Moseyko A. N. Madagascar. The peculiarities of the cultural and civilizational development. Moscow: Institute for African Studies of the RAS, 2018. ISBN: 978-5-91298-212-5 Svetlana Shlyonskaya Pages 223-229
[Review of:] Valentin Ts. Golovachev. Ethno-Political History of Tai-wan in the World Historiography XVII–XXI. Moscow: Institute of Orien-tal Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, “Maks Press” Publish-ing House, 2018. 320 p. ISBN 978-5-89282-784-3 Vasily Dobrovolskiy Pages 230-233

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