Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Non-standart position of the false door in Giza tombs - a builing mistake or a least-evil solution? Sergey V. Vetokhov Pages 6-24
Royal women-sistrophoroi: to the interpretation of sistrum symbolism un cultic practice of the New Kingdom Period Vladimir Bolshakov Pages 25-35
Archaeological works to the north of the Great Amun temple at Jebel Barkal (Sudan): preliminary results and new perspectives Maksim Lebedev Pages 36-47
Minor Dynasties of Early Mediaeval Bengal According to Epigraphical Data: the Dynasty of Varmans (ca. 1050-1125 AD) Alexander A. Stolyarov Pages 48-59
Baksheys: Evolution of the Concept Andrey Belyakov Pages 60-71
Translators and interpreters from eastern languages in the Moscow state at the end of the XV-XVI centuries. Maksim Moiseev Pages 72-82
«Bukhara Is Like Algeria»: the Ottoman Political Elite on the Petition of the Bukhara Emir Khaidar to Sultan Mahmud II to Accept Bukhara into the Ottoman Empire. Alexander D. Vasilyev Pages 83-94
The Deauville Partnership with Arab Countries in Transition: Tracing the Trajectory of a Unique Format Vladimir Bartenev Pages 95-106
The Influence the Qatari-Israeli and the Qatari-American Relations on the Qatar's Arab Policy Dmitriy B. Grafov Pages 107-117
Neo-Ottoman Nostalgia in Contemporary Turkey Daria V. Zhigulskaya Pages 118-127
Ibadism in the Mirror of Culture: Peculiarities of the Poetics of Abu Muslim Al-Bahlany and his Coreligionists Victoria Zarytovskaya / Ahmed M.N. AL-RAHBI Pages 128-137
Ascetics and/or laypeople: Jain view on humam status in the world Natalia Zheleznova Pages 138-149
Tradition and Literature (Culture of Laughter of Mali and Guinea) Olga Zavyalova / Petr A. Kutsenkov Pages 150-160
Social Peculiarities of the Family Planning Problem in Tropical Africa Inna Rybalkina Pages 161-172
China’s discourse power: instruments and strategy Mariia Kobzeva Pages 173-184
Chinese empire or a prototype of responsible global power: discussions on the Great Qing in China and the West Konstantin Sanin Pages 185-194
About Manuscripts, Lithographs and Early Printed Books of the Karakalpak Institute of Humanities Tatiana Anikeeva / Abdusalim R. Idrisov Pages 195-203
Tradition, Innovations and Historical Events in the Early 20th Century Chinese Calendars from the Russian Collections Ekaterina A. Zavidovskaya / Dmitrii I. Maiatskii Pages 204-218
Ancient Chinese economic thought and the French academic context of the 1930s: Li Zhaoyi’s doctoral thesis Olga N. Borokh Pages 219-230
“Кazakh people should bow low to her”: Irina Viktorovna Erofeeva (1953 – 2020) Sergei Panarin Pages 231-241
"Thoughts on Waters and Lands of Japan" by Nishikawa Joken (1648 – 1724) Anna Novikova Pages 242-258
[Review of:] The Translations at the Grand Council (Junjichu) Archive of the Zunghar Missions. The First Historical Archives of China. Minzu University of China, China's Frontier Ethnic Regions History and Geography Research Center. Beijing: Minzu University of China Publishing HouseZhongyang minzu chubanshe, 2009. 2851 p. (in Chinese) Dordzhi Kukeev Pages 259-263
In memoriam. Mikhail Yurievich Roshchin (1952 - 2021) Vladimir Bobrovnikov / Patimat Takhnaeva Pages 264-267
In Memory of Janis Eshots (1966–2021) Alikber Alikberov / Andrey Lukashev / Lana M. Ravandi-Fadai Pages 268-272

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