Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Mud bricks from Giza and Abu Erteila: Archaeobotanical, Technological, and Historical Aspects of Study Alexey Sergeev / Elena Lebedeva / Maksim Lebedev Pages 6-20
The inscription K. 733 from Phnom Preah Vihear and the root vidyā- in Cambodia Anton Zakharov Pages 21-32
Outer and Inner Bashkirs in the Arab-Muslim Geographic Tradition Salavat Khamidullin Pages 33-43
Recruitment Patterns for the Cabinet Members of Iran (1989 –2017) Ilya Vaskin Pages 44-59
From Greater Europe to Greater Eurasia: What Brings the World a Fundamental Geopolitical Shift Alexander Lukin / Dmitry Novikov Pages 60-76
Orientalism and Occidentalism: When the Twain Meet Dinara V. Dubrovskaya Pages 77-82
SCO as an International Regional Organization: Development Stages Yury Kulintsev Pages 83-93
German-Turkish Relations during the Modern Period: Military-Political Aspects Philipp Trunov Pages 94-105
Iran’s Foreign Economic Relations in the Region Nina Mamedova / Anastasia Obukhova Pages 106-113
The European Union, China and Africa: Trilateral Security Cooperation Tatyana S. Denisova / Sergey V. Kostelyanets Pages 114-125
Lobbing the Interests of Saudi Arabia in the USA under the Presidency of Donald Trump Dmitriy B. Grafov Pages 126-141
To the perception of time in “The book of dede Korkut” Tatiana Anikeeva Pages 142-148
Structural-Hermeneutic Method of Religious-Philosophical Texts Research and Its Application to the Study of Late Taoist Synthetic Works (Based on the Text of Long Men Xin Fa, XVII c.) Pavel Lenkov Pages 149-160
Language Policy of Sudan in the First Half of the 20th Century Andrey Blinov Pages 161-173
The State of Mind of Modern Turks in Zülfü Livaneli’s Anxıety Maria Repenkova Pages 174-182
“Diplomacy in China is Trade” (from the Reports of the Head of the 12th Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing, Archemandrite Polycarp (Tugarinov) Andrey Kulikov Pages 183-199
On the Decree of the Hong Taiji (Abahai) Emperor on the Restoration of Independence of the Mongols after the Fall of the Qing Dynasty Sergius Kuzmin / Ookhnoi Batsaikhan Pages 200-217
Unpublished Manuscripts by G. J. Karpov on the Ethnography of Turkmen People in the Russian Archives Olga Brusina / Olga Naumova / Mikhail Roshchin / Lubov Solovyeva Pages 218-233
[Review of:] Leonid Grinin, Andrey Korotayev, Arno Tausch. Islamism, Arab Spring, and the Future of Democracy. World System and World Values Perspectives. New York: Springer International Publishing, 2018, 364 p. ISBN 978-3-319-91076-5 Dilshod Achilov Pages 234-237
75th Anniversary of Sergey A. Panarin Editor Journal "Vostok" Pages 238-243

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