Issue 7

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  • Issue number: 7

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Spiritual and Moral Foundations of Personal Self-Awareness Akhan Bizhanov / Abdumalik N. Nysanbayev Pages 5-17
The Transformation of Ideology. The Concept of the Ideological in the “Extreme” Expansion Alexander Rubtsov Pages 18-27
The Concept of Code in the Modern Civilizational Approach Aleksander Shchipkov Pages 28-34
Does Russia Have Its Own Civilizational Code, and What Can It Be? Boris Mezhuev Pages 35-43
Socialism as a Regular Stage of the World-Historical Process: from the Standpoint of the Concept of Civilism of V. Nersesyants Valentina V. Lapaeva Pages 44-56
Nice to See You Again, Author, but Where Is Your “Text” and “Language”? To Verbal Data in Statics and Dynamics Part II Andrey Vdovichenko Pages 57-69
On Grammar and Metaphysics of Sense Lora Ryskeldieva Pages 70-80
Myth and Mythmaking – as Elements in the Communicative Space of Modern Culture Olga N. Strelnik Pages 81-85
Mental Representation and Intentionality Dmitry V. Ivanov Pages 86-95
Neuroethics and Biopolitics of Cognitive Enhancement Biotechnologies Olga V. Popova / Sergey Shevchenko / Pavel Tishchenko Pages 96-108
From ZOO to NOO: Man, Society and Production in the Conditions of a New Technological Revolution Sergey Bodrunov Pages 109-118
Marx and Russia: the Difficulties of Mutual Perception Vladimir Mironov Pages 119-130
Adhimukti and Subjectivity in Cognitive Experience: the Abhidharma and Yogācāra Perspective Dhammajoti Ven. Pages 131-139
Consciousness as Liberation. Soteriological Patterns of Phenomenology and Buddhism (a Comparative Sketch) Arkady Yu. Nedel Pages 140-155
The Buddhist Phenomenology of Selflessness: an Analysis of Je Tsongkhapa’s Concepts of “I” and “mere-I” Margarita Kozhevnikova Pages 156-165
Selflessness in the Light of the Normative Nature of Mental Acts: European Philosophy, Phenomenology and Buddhism Svetlana Kuskova Pages 166-176
On the ancient origins of the relationship of social sciences and humanities with philosophy and art Vasily Markhinin Pages 177-186
The Notion of Persona in the Works of St Augustine and the Personalistic Conception of V.I. Nesmelov Pavel Khondzinskii Pages 187-195
Special Features of Everyday Cognition and the Development of an Image of Science in Social Consciousness Raisa Dozhdikova Pages 196-206
Philosophy and Ideology: Illusion of the Deideologization (Review of the “Round Table”) Asya Syrodeeva Pages 207-217

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