Novaia i noveishaia istoriia

ISSN: 0130-3864

Chief Editor: Sogrin Vladimir Viktorovich

Co-Founder:  Institute of General History, RAS

Address: Nakhimovskii pr., 47 117418, Moscow, Russia

Tel.:  8 (495) 730-29-11



The Journal Impact Factor: 0,308 РИНЦ

The Journal «Novaia i noveishaia istoriia» was founded in 1957. Published under the direction of the Department of Historical and Philological Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Editorial Committee: N.I. Basovskaya (Doctor of Sciences(History)), L.S. Belousov (Doctor of Sciences(History)), V.I. Vasil'ev (a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences), V.Ya. Golovin (executive secretary), A.B. Davidson (Academician of the RAS), N.P. Kalmykov ( Candidate of Historical Sciences, deputy chief editor), M.A. Lipkin (Doctor of Sciences(History)), G.F. Matveev (Doctor of Sciences(History)), V.S. Myasnikov (Academician of the RAS),  P.Yu. Rahshmir (Doctor of Sciences(History)), V.V. Roginskij (Doctor of Sciences(History)), I.M. Savel'eva (Doctor of Sciences(History)), D.S. Sekirinskij (Candidate of Historical Sciences), B.L. Havkin (Doctor of Sciences(History)), P.P. Cherkasov (a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences),  A.O. Chubar'yan (Academician of the RAS). 


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