Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The History of the 20th Century: A Variety of Historiographical Approaches to Understanding the Phenomeno Velikhan Mirzekhanov Pages 7-27
Soviet Historical Science in the Current Historiographical Approaches Alexander Gordon Pages 28-41
«Tatischev from Dikan’ka»: Historical Work of Samiilo Velychko in the Light of Codicological Analysis of the Chronicle’s Original Andriy Bovgiria / Anastasia Melnik / Ivan Polyakov / Tatiana Tairova / Denys Tsypkin Pages 42-50
On the Representation of the Indians of New England in Narrative and Official Sources of the 17th century Gleb Aleksandrov Pages 51-60
Russian Diplomat at the Consulate of the Russian Empire in Jeddah Vitaliy Naumkin Pages 61-75
German Anarcho-Syndicalists and the Workers of the Ruhr (1919–1920): From the November Revolution to the Kapp Putsch Vadim Damie Pages 76-97
André Tardieu: Commissioner for Franco-American War Cooperation (1917–1918) Ilya Slesarev Pages 98-110
The Italian Section of the Comintern, Stalin and “the Russian Question” Natalya Terekhova Pages 111-127
Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1941–1943. Documentary Evidences Sergey Karpyuk Pages 128-139
Unpredictable Boris Jonson Nataliya Kapitonova Pages 140-167
Chinese in the United States. «Model minority»: myth or reality Zoya Chertina Pages 168-180
Post-War Soviet Union as Two American Diplomats Saw It Kristina Minkova Pages 181-197
British Labour Leader Aneurin Bevan (1897–1960). A political portrait Elena Susloparova Pages 198-218
The Battle of Kushka (1885) in the Correspondence of Alexander III Nikita Ishchenko Pages 219-223
Diplomatic Support of the Russian Foreign Ministry for the Scientific Expedition of the "Society of Lovers of Ancient Literature" to the East in 1906 Elena Maleto Pages 224-230
World Wars and Latin America (E. D. Stroganova. The Influence of World Wars of the Twentieth Century on Latin American Society. Moscow, 2019) Alexandr Bogdashkin Pages 231-234
International Relations in the Middle East in the 1950s – Early 1960s (A. M. Urazov. Time for a Change. Evolution of Foreign Policy of the USA and UK in the Big Middle East in the First Decades of the Cold War. Moscow, 2019) Alexander Fomin Pages 234-237
New sources on the History of the “Big Game” in the Pamir (“And From the Cossack Outpost the Himalayas were Now in View”: The Pamir Through the Lens of Lieutenant Rodstvennyi. Ed. by M. K. Baskhanov, S. L. Shevelchinskaya. Saint-Petersburg, 2019) Mikhail Bukharin Pages 237-241
Russo-Italian Relations During a Century (1918–2018: A Century of History in the Villa Berg. Еd. by R. Alonzi, E. A. Maslova. Moscow, 2019) Irina Eman Pages 241-244
А Speech of a Defender Against Himself (Boris Menshagin. Memories. Letters. Documents. Compiled and prepared by P. M. Polyan. Moscow – Saint-Petersburg, 2019) Boris Khavkin Pages 245-247
Memory of the Departed
Orlik I. I. (1925–2020) Editorial “Modern and Current History” Pages 248-249
Smirnov V. P. (1929–2020) Editorial “Modern and Current History” Pages 249-251
Khachaturian N. A. (1931–2020) Editorial “Modern and Current History” Pages 251-253

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