Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Modern History
Victor Duruy - Historian and Liberal Minister of the Second Empire in France Igor Ignatchenko Pages 3-13
XXth Century
From Isolationism to «Internationalism»: Evolution of United States Foreign Policy Strategy Olga Bazhenova Pages 14-21
Debates on the Prospects of China’s Development in the 1920—40s Olga N. Borokh Pages 22-37
Current History
Ecuador at the Crossroads Emil Dabaghyan Pages 38-49
Historical prerequisites of the Lega Nord Vladimir Zhdanov Pages 50-59
Russia and the World
“A Child of Intrigue and Madness”: the Reaction of British Diplomacy to the Policy of Armed Neutrality of Catherine II Tatiana Labutina Pages 60-73
Soviet Russia at the Lausanne Conference on the Settlement of the Situation in the Middle East (1922—1923) Irina Hormach Pages 74-92
USSR — Independent Kenya 1963—1966: a short honeymoon Alexandr Balezin Pages 93-99
Methodology. Historiography. Source Study
Anniversary of the Anniversary: the Results of the 200th Anniversary of the French Revolution for Russian and French Historiography Natalya Tanshina Pages 100-119
American Historiography about the Role of German Big Business during the First World War and the Years of the Weimar Republic Alexandr Bogdashkin Pages 120-129
Historians` Pen-Potrtaits
Vladilen Nikolaevich Vinogradov (1925—2017) Natalia Kalashnikova / Alexandr Stykalin Pages 130-138
Hard Way to Khrushchev Thaw. In the Eyes of a Leningrad Student Apollon Davidson Pages 139-149
Historical Students and the "Special Mission" Ilya Kremer Pages 150-155
Documentary Essays
Raymond Poincaré — President of the Third Republic Petr Cherkasov Pages 156-172
The Great Prince-Elector Friedrich Wilhelm Mikhail Belyaev / Yuriy Ivonin Pages 173-184
Delhi in British Colonial Policy of the Beginning of the XX Century: Getting Capital Status Ilya B. Spektor Pages 185-189
Book Reviews
Yu. G. Aleksandrov. Yevraziyskaya ekonomicheskaya integratsiya: YEAES. M .: Analitichesko-konsul'tativnyy tsentr “Strategicheskiye izyskaniya”, 2018, 272 s Aleksey Kiva Pages 190-191
J. Thies. EVIAN 1938. ALS DIE WELT DIE JUDEN VERRIET. Essen: Klartext-Verlag, 2017, 200 S. Boris Khavkin Pages 191-193
N. V. Yudin. Patrioticheskiy pod"yem v stranakh Antanty v nachale Pervoy mirovoy voyny. M .: Russkiy fond sodeystviya obrazovaniyu i nauke, 2017, 288 s. E. Khakhalkina Pages 194-197
A. A. Kalinin. Na fronnem rubezhe kholodnoy voyny: SSHA, SSSR i grazhdanskaya voyna v Gretsii (1944–1949 gg.). Kirov: Nauchnoye izdatel'stvo Vyatskogo gosuniversiteta, 2018, 616 s. M. Strelets Pages 197-200
Scholarly Life
International Scientific Conference on the History of the New World Order after the First World War O. Aganson Pages 201-203
Russian Sourse Studies on the History of Western Countries: a View from St. Petersburg Vladimir Baryshnikov / T. Goncharova / Natalya Tanshina Pages 204-207
International Conference “Britain: History, Culture, Education” Andrey Sokolov Pages 207-210
Round-table Discussion in Memory of the 100th Anniversary of the Execution of the Royal Family S. Kopylov Pages 210-211
Round-Table Conference in Russian State University for the Humanities Boris Khavkin Pages 211-211

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