Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Dutch Foreign Policy in Historiography: the Books and the Authors Galina Shatokhina-Mordvintseva Pages 5-21
Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring: The Origins of Cuba's Progressive Anti-imperialist Historiography Ludmila Ivkina Pages 22-32
On the Eighty-Fifth Anniversary of Václav Havel. A Historiographic Review Ella Zadorozhnyuk Pages 33-41
The “Divine Right of Kings” and the Interpretation of the Concept of Order in Seventeenth-Century English Political Theology Ivan Fadeyev Pages 42-52
Russia in the Mirror of Christian Bomhower’s “Schonnen Hysthorie” Oleg Kudryavtsev Pages 53-63
Thunder of Yesterday's Victory: 200 Years of Waterloo Celebrations in the UK Vladimir Zemtzov Pages 64-77
European Museums, a Look from the USSR and the Limits of Transnationality in the Mid-1920th Vitaliy G. Ananiev Pages 78-92
“Special Mission Linz”: A Museum that was not Created. History, Personalities, Documents Tatyana Timofeeva / Vladimir Zakharov Pages 93-105
The “Balkan Locarno” in the UK Foreign Policy in 1925-1926 Denis Rodin Pages 106-120
American Catholic Press: Religious NEP, Repression and Laicization (1925–1939) Gregory Freeze Pages 121-139
Polish Citizens in the Territory of the Kazakh SSR in the Years of the Second World War: From Deportation to Re-Evacuation (the case of the Kostanay Region) Asel Berkimbaeva / Dmitry Legkiy Pages 140-154
The Idea of Superiority in the Colonial Discourse of the First Francoism (1939–1959) in No-Do Newsreels Georgy Filatov Pages 155-166
The Diplomatic Position of West European States Regarding the Afghan Armed Conflict 1979–1989 Taisiya Rabush Pages 167-178
French multiculturalism. From Islamization of Radicalism to Radicalization of Islam? Evgeniy Osipov Pages 179-187
S. K. Sofoterov and the Russian Red Cross Society in Serbia (1910–1940) Galina Shevcova Pages 188-195
The 60th Anniversary of the Institute of Africa. Impressions of Its Early History Apollon Davidson Pages 196-200
On the 150th Anniversary of Judicial Reform in Russia (S. M. Shakhrai, K. P. Krakovskii. Kuaisu, gongzheng, renci he renren pingdeng de fating. Jinian eguo sifa gaige 150 zhounian. Beijing, 2020 (in Chinese)) Sergey Mironenko Pages 201-207
Partnering with Extremists in Western Europe (Kimberly A. Twist. Partnering with Extremists: Coalitions between Mainstream and Far-Right Parties in Western Europe. Ann Arbor, 2020) Tatiana Fadeeva Pages 207-210
A New Study on the History of the Franco-German War of 1870–1871 (A. V. Bodrov, N. A. Vlasov. Iron and Blood. Franco-German War. Saint-Petersburg, 2019) Aleksey Ipatov Pages 210-213

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