Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
German Question, 1945–1990, in Anglo-American Historiography: Key Aspects of the Problem Study Iryna Kaviaka Pages 5-17
Modern English Historiography of the Communist International: A General Overview Ilya Suzdaltsev Pages 18-30
“Esto perpetua!”: “Two Cities” of Paolo Sarpi Alexey Yastrebov Pages 31-46
Forms of Representation of the Monarch in Irish Court Odes During the Reign of Queen Anne Stuart Denis Kirilov Pages 47-58
Great Britain and Russia on the Way to Restoring Diplomatic Relations (1720–1731) Tatiana Labutina Pages 59-70
The “Entente cordiale” and the rivalry of Great Britain and France in North Africa in 1830s–1840s. The example of Morocco Natalia Zherlitsina Pages 71-81
“Shadow of Empires”: Ways and Means of Stability in Central and Eastern Europe Viewed by the British Diplomats and Political Leaders in the 1920s Iskander Magadeev Pages 82-96
Anarchists of the Netherlands and the Anti-Colonial Movement in Indonesia Vadim Damie Pages 97-108
Foreign Policy Aspects of the Soviet Famine of 1932–1933 Vitaly Bondarev / Olga Rudaya Pages 109-121
Soviet-German Military and Economic Supplies in 1939–1941 and the Motives of the Soviet Leadership Aleksander Shubin Pages 122-136
“A Fatal Compromise”: South African Writers and “the Literature Police” in South Africa (1940–1960) Maria Kurbak Pages 137-148
Latin America and the Soviet-Chinese Conflict (the 1960s – mid-1970s) Andrey Schelchkov Pages 149-165
The First Decade of the BRICS Group: Evolution of the Cooperation Structure Ksenia Muratshina Pages 166-183
The 1917 Code of Canon Law: Codification and Development of Latin canon law in the First Half of the 20th Century Ivan Fadeyev / Ilia Anikyev Pages 184-201
Letters of a Prussian Diplomat From Saint-Petersburg (K. von Schlözer. Personal Correspondence From Saint-Petersburg, 1857–1862. Per., komment. V.S. Duda-reva. Saint-Petersburg, 2019) Aleksey Ipatov Pages 202-204
Eastern Europe Under the Heel of Germany and its Allies at the Final Stage of the First World War (L.V. Lannik. After the Russian Empire: German Occupation in 1918. Saint-Petersburg, 2020) Evgeny Sergeev Pages 205-209
Officer Corps During the Civil War in Russia (A.V. Ganin. Officer Corpus in the Years of the Civil War in Russia 1917–1922. Moscow, 2019) Ekaterina Mamontova Pages 210-212
Soviet-Italian Relations in 1953–1970: the View From Staraya Square (CPSU and Soviet-Italian Relations in 1953–1970: Documents / coll. B.N. Gussev, T.M. Kuz’micheva, A. Salacone, V.N. Shilov. Moscow – Saint-Petersburg, 2020) German Gigolaev Pages 212-214
On the 80th Anniversary of Alla Sergeevna Namazova Aleksandra Khorosheva Pages 215-220
Memory of the Departed
Velichko O.I. (1931–2021) Modern and Contemporary History. Editorial. Pages 221-221

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