Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Modern History
Great Britain and American Civilization Vladimir Sogrin Pages 3-24
Colonial American Newspapers about Events and Religious Debate of the First Great Awakening of 1730s—1740s Irina Khruleva Pages 25-36
Upbringing for Capitalism: Calvinism and Church Discipline in the 16th Century Viktor Studentsov Pages 37-47
20th Century
Chinese Discussion about “Red Imperialism” and Attitude to Soviet Russia Alexandr V. Lomanov Pages 48-63
Foreign Policy Evolution of the German Problem (1945—1955) Kristina Bozhik Pages 64-78
Trade and Financial Cooperation of France and the United States during the First World War Ilya Slesarev Pages 79-92
Russian Diplomats about Germany and the Germans of the Habsburg Empire in the Social and Political Life of Hungary (Late 19th Century — Early 20th Century) Igor Kryuchkov Pages 93-100
Russia and the World
Russia in the Political Discussions in Germany during the Alsatian Crisis of 1790—1793 Olga Zaichenko Pages 101-112
Russia and the Second Hague Conference 1907 Irina Rybachenok Pages 113-146
Methodology. Historiography. Source Study
Visit of Director of the Institute of History of the USSR Professor A. L. Sidorov to Hungary in 1956 Attila Seres Pages 147-152
Documentary Essays
«Lucy» and «Citadel» Boris Khavkin Pages 153-165
Tom Hayden and the “New Left” Oleg Bodrov / Almaz Zakirov Pages 166-177
Chinese Reforms: Openness in Both Directions. To the 40th Anniversary of the Chinese Reforms Aleksey Kiva Pages 178-180
Image of Mexico in the American Mass Media Ekaterina Kosevich Pages 187-192
Anglo-American Historiography about the Colonial Strategy of the Great Britain in the Interwar-Period Aleksey Sagimbaev Pages 181-186
Qatar: Political and Economic Aspects of Modern Development Andrey Derbenev Pages 193-202
The Rise of Arab Nationalism and the Crisis of Islamist Ideas in the 50—60s of the Twentieth Century Timur R. Khairullin Pages 203-206
Ethiopian-Somali Conflict of 1977—1978 Anatoliy Khazanov Pages 223-230
Facts. Events. People
German Anti-fascist Writers in Exile in the USSR Lev Lebedev Pages 207-212
Legacy of the War of 1846—1848 in U.S.—Mexico Relations throughout the Mexican Revolution Alexey Manukhin Pages 213-222
R. R. Valeyeva. Major, Blair, Brown: Three Premieres as Three Stages in the History of Relations between Great Britain and Russia. Kazan 2017 E. Ananieva Pages 231-232
P. M. Judson. The Habsburg Empire: A New History. Cambridge (Mass.): The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2016, 567 p. Yu. But Pages 232-234
Ch. Mühling. European Debate on the Religious War of 1674—1714. Confessional Memory and International Politics in the Era of Louis XIV. Gottingen, 2018 Arina Lazareva Pages 234-237
S.V. Artamoshin. Conservative Revolution in the Intellectual Space of the Weimar Republic. St. Petersburg., 2018 D. Smirnov / Vasily Chernoperov Pages 237-239
S. Tavani. "The Second Yalta Should not Be." "Eastern Policy" of Italy in the 1960s and the Search for a New European Order. Milan, 2017 V. Lyubin Pages 240-242
Scientific Life
International Conference in Strasbourg L. Ivonina Pages 243-244
Scientific Conference at the Institute of World History, RAS Aleksandr Shipilov Pages 244-246

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