Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
How is the History of the Church Possible? («Church History» as an Independent Discipline in the Light of Epistemology) Ivan Davydov Pages 7-17
Historiography of Cuban Heraldry in the 20th – the Beginning of 21st centuries Kirill Elokhin Pages 18-28
Books by Tanzanian Historians of Recent Decades: Contribution to the Postcolonial Library Alexandr Balezin Pages 29-43
The Liturgy of Power. Some Aspects of the Religious Policy of Venice in Relation to the Orthodox Greeks in Modern Age Alexey Yastrebov Pages 44-59
Cleopatra’s Charms: The Ancient Beau Ideal in American Press at the Turn of the 19th and 20th centuries Ruslan Kondrashuk Pages 60-68
Two-Party System in History of the USA. From G. Washington to Modernities Vladimir Sogrin Pages 69-87
Russia – Ireland: the Hard Path to Mutual Understanding Elena Polyakova Pages 88-103
Colonialism, Imperialism, and the League of Nations Alexander S. Khodnev Pages 104-116
G. Clemenceau and the Problems of “Strong Power” in France (1914 – 1919) Boris Atchkinasi Pages 117-129
When an Intellectual Becomes a Collaborationist: Jacques Benoist-Méchin and His “History of the German Army” Maria Medvedeva Pages 130-137
The Internment of Belligerent Military Personnel in Neutral Ireland During World War II Natalia Ankudinova Pages 138-148
Specific Features of the Polisario Front as a Non-State Actor Maria I. Makhmutova Pages 149-158
Analysis of the Regionalization of Military-Political Interests of the USA and EU on an Example of the Intervention in Libya in 2011 Zakhar Pokudov / Elmira Sadykova Pages 159-168
The Development of US Nuclear Strategy at the Beginning of the 21st century Vasily Veselov Pages 169-180
The International Position of Russia at the Beginning of the Seven Years’ War in the Instructions of the College of Foreign Affairs to Residents in Regensburg and Gdansk Maria Petrova Pages 181-195
Diagnostics of the Regime: German Military Analytics about the Hetmanate Leonty Lannik Pages 196-213
New Documents on the History of Exploration of East Turkestan from the Turfan-Sammlung Mikhail Bukharin Pages 214-222
Ideological and Political Origins of the J. S. Nye’s Concept of Soft Power Alexander Naumov Pages 223-229
British Diplomacy of the Second Half of the 18th century: the Petersburg Vector (T.L. Labutina. British Diplomats and Catherine II. Dialogue and Opposition. Saint-Petersburg, 2019) Orlov Aleksander Pages 230-233
Crime and Punishment in England in the 18th century (S. Vasilieva, I. Ehrlichson. Crime and Punishment in English Social Thought of the 18th century. Essays on intellectual history. Saint-Petersburg, 2020) Andrey Sokolov Pages 233-237
A New Study on the History of International Relations in Central and Eastern Europe (V.A. Zubachevsky. Russian Politics in Central and Eastern Europe (the first third of the 20th century): a Geopolitical Aspect. Moscow, 2019) Mikhail Strelets Pages 238-240
History of the Holocaust and Anti-Hitler Resistance in Germany (I.A. Altman, B.L. Khavkin. National Socialism, the Holocaust, and Anti-Hitler Resistance in Germany (1933–1939): materials for a special course for students of RSUH. Moscow, 2020) Maria Sirotinskaya Pages 241-243
From the Memory of the Family to the Memory of the People (Memory of the People. The Memory of the Family. Eds. N.E. Vaschkau (resp. ed.), A.A. Lakizuk. Lipetsk, 2020) Boris Khavkin Pages 243-246
Perception of the “Other”/“Alien” in the Cultural Space between Russia and the West (“Friend”/“Foe” in cross-cultural communications of the countries of the West and Russia. Saint-Petersburg, 2019) Andreas Buller Pages 246-250
All-Russian Conference “A Turning Point in the History of Africa. Expectations and Reality” Alexander Zdanevich / Nadezhda Khokholkova Pages 251-253

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