Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theory and Methodology of History
Initial Sense of the Term “Protestantism”: A Historical and Philosophical Study Ivan P. Davydov / Ivan Fadeyev Pages 5-25
New Time
Features of the Original Accumulation of Capital in Spain (XVI-XVII centuries) Galina Ponedelko Pages 26-36
English «Cloak And Dagger Knights» at the Court of Catherine II Tatiana Labutina Pages 37-56
ХX Century
Overcoming the Cold War (to the 110 anniversary of Andrei Gromyko) Alexey A. Gromyko Pages 57-68
The First Generation of Domestic Africanists: Birth, Death and Leaving Apollon Davidson Pages 69-80
Policy of Austria-Hungary During the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 in the Estimates of the Russian Press Boris Kotov Pages 81-98
Stalin's Meeting With The Leaders Of The Communist Party Of Spain (August 1948): Background And Consequences Alexander Sagomonyan Pages 99-108
French Position Towards The Formation Of The North Atlantic Alliance Pyotr Falaleev Pages 109-127
Serbia Waited Support. M. S. Gorbachev's Visit to Yugoslavia in 1988 Elena Guskova Pages 128-144
Modern History
Romania: Between Sovereignty and Eurocentrism Angara Samorukova Pages 145-155
Moderate Islam In France As A Perspective For Overcoming Identity Crisis Evgeniy Osipov Pages 156-165
Teaching World History at School
History And Culture Standard For World History: Problems Of Methodology Lev Belousov Pages 166-178
School History Books and Professional Historiography Vladimir Sogrin Pages 179-184
The Liberian Political Crisis Of 1979 - 2003 In The Memoirs Of Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Aleksandr Shipilov Pages 185-194
Documentary Essays
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing Petr Cherkasov Pages 195-213
Henry A. Wallace: In Search of a Better World Irina Suponitskaya Pages 214-227
Labor Party in Portraits. Rec. ad op.: E. A. Susloparova. EARLY HISTORY OF THE LABOR PARTY OF THE GREAT BRITAIN IN PORTRAITS OF ITS ACTORS. M .: «MAX Press», 2019, 350 p. Galina Ostapenko Pages 228-233
Russian General - Leader Indians (N. M. Emelyanova. No Man is an Island. White General - Lead Redded. Ivan Belyaev. Sankt-Peterburg, 2019) Boris Khavkin Pages 233-236
German Empire 1871-1890 (N. A. Vlasov. Bismarck’s Germany. An Empire in Central Europe. Sant-Peterburg: Science, 2018) Aleksey Ipatov Pages 236-240
From the history of the Great Island (In the Mysterious Country of Madagascar. Year 2009. Moscow, 2018) Andrey Polyakov Pages 240-242
The History Of The German Minority In Central Europe (S. V. Kretinin. The Germans In Poland. 1918-1939 Tambov, 2019) Evgeny Polunin Pages 242-244
Scholarly Life
The Left Alternative in the 20th Century: the Historical Path of the Communist Movement Nataliya Akhramovich Pages 245-248
International Conference at the Institute of Universal History Evgeniya Vorontsova Pages 249-253
In Memory
N. I. Basovskay (1941-2019) Editorial “Modern and Current History” Pages 254-255

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