Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Batum Subsystem as a Space of the Ottoman Hegemony in Transcaucasia in 1918 Velikhan Mirzekhanov / Leonty Lannik Pages 5-22
Three Ages of Self-Consciousness: The Methodological Crises of Historiography in the Mirror of the History of Philosophy Olga Vlasova Pages 23-33
“For the Public Utility”: the Ideological and Conceptual Foundations of the British Police Irina Erlikhson Pages 34-48
Reasons for the Dissolution of the Navy Board: the Collapse of the English Navy or the Struggle of Factions at the Court of James I? Sergey Gavrilov Pages 49-63
Montesquieu and His “Reflections on the Universal Monarchy in Europe” Nadezda Plavinskaia Pages 64-82
Napoleon on Saint Helena: Symbols of European Poetry of the 19th century Anastasia Gotovtseva Pages 83-100
Bartolomé Mitre: Politician and Historian Vladimir Kazakov Pages 101-114
The First World War in the Memoirs of the American Journalist Stanley Washburn Igor Bogomolov Pages 115-129
Poland in Soviet Foreign Policy from late 1919 to 16 July 1920 Gennadij Matveev Pages 130-143
Global Sounding Options for Libyan Independence. 1937 Alexey Sarabyev Pages 144-158
The Role of RAND Corporation in the Development of Social Sciences and Soviet Studies in the USA in 1945–1956 Iana Shchetinskaia Pages 159-171
“Two Socialisms”: The Soviet Perception of the “Scandinavian Model” in the Second Half of the 1960s and 1970s Fedor Sinitsyn Pages 172-184
Allies of The USSR and Soviet Policy in Afghanistan in the 1980s Taisiya Rabush Pages 185-201
The Baltic States: Migration Processes after Joining the European Union Renal'd Kh. Simonyan Pages 202-213
“I Shall Either Perish or Reign”. New Materials from State Archive of Russian Federation on the Correspondence Between Grand Duchess Catherine and the British Ambassador Charles Hanbury Williams in 1756–1757. (Ending) Piotr Stegny Pages 214-231
Napoleon Bonaparte: The Third and the Last Biography in Russian Sergey Iskyul Pages 232-237
A New View on the Phenomenon of the Comecon Oksana Nagornaya Pages 237-240
Museology and Museography Olga Tuminskaya Pages 240-245
International Conference “Yalta 1945: Lessons of History” Ksenia Gernet Pages 246-248
On the 70th Anniversary of Marina Pavlovna Eisenstatt Marina Bobkova Pages 248-253

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