Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Interaction of Core and Periphery of the International System: Historical Analysis Konstantin Minyar-Beloruchev Pages 5-20
The Implementation of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk as a Problem of Modern Historiography Leonty Lannik Pages 21-36
The Bishop Controversy in British North American Colonies in the 18th Century Irina Khruleva Pages 37-53
Image of the League of Nations in the Discourse of Russian PostRevolutionary Emigration in the Early 1920s Natalia Vasilieva Pages 54-66
The Mediterranean Security Problem in the Foreign Policy of Great Britain (Spring 1938 — Spring 1939) Anna Savinova Pages 67-82
The Great Powers in the Middle East (1945-1956): The Range of Interaction Tsisnamу Chikaidze Pages 83-97
The Moscow Treaty between the USSR and the FRG: From the Signing to the Ratification (August 12, 1970 — June 3, 1972) Aleksei Filitov Pages 98-110
The Nixon Administration’s Approach to Engagement with France in the Middle East Settlement in 1969–1971 Ilia Lakstygal Pages 111-126
The Problem of Historical Memory in Germany During the Chancellorship of Gerhard Schröder Marina Novikova Pages 127-137
Brexit and the Political Future of Northern Ireland Ivan Krivushin Pages 138-156
A Russian Student in 18th Century Paris: New Data for the Biography of Théodore Karjavine Galina Kosmolinskaya Pages 157-178
From May Tree to the Tree of Liberty: From the History of Symbolics of the American Revolution Maria Filimonova Pages 179-198
Rec. ad ор.: V. P. Smirnov. WHAT IS HISTORY AND WHY DOES IT NEED? (reflections of the historian). Moscow: Publisher Stepanenko, 2019, 172 p. Galina Kaninskaya Pages 199-202
Health and Medicine at the French Court (XVII–XVIII Centuries) (Santé et médecine à la cour de France (XVIe–XVIIIe siècles). Paris, 2018) Elena Berger Pages 203-207
"Russian" Life of Elena Karageorgievich (G. I. Shevtsova. Red Poppies for the Princess. Materials for the Biography of Princess Elena Petrovna. Novi Sad, 2019) Milana Zivanovic Pages 207-209
Russian Museums in World War II (C. Kuhr-Korolev, U. Schmiegelt-Rietig, E. Zubkova In Zusammenarbeit mit Eichwede W. Raub und Rettung. Russische Museen im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Wien – Köln – Weimar, 2019) Tatyana Timofeeva Pages 209-213
Afro-Asian Diaspora in the UK After the Second World War (G. A. Karpov. African-Asian Communities of Great Britain in the Second Half of the 20th and Beginning of the 21st Centuries. [s.l.], 2018) Elena Khakhalkina Pages 214-217
"Round Table" in the Framework of the International Scientific and Humanitarian Forum Margarita Kouzmina Pages 218-121

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