Issue 3

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On the Role of Space in Civilization System: The Experience of ‘Borderline’ Civilizations of Planetary Scale in the Universal Context Yakov Shemyakin Pages 7-20
50 Years in American Studies Vladimir Sogrin Pages 21-40
English Ambassadors on Corruption of Political Elite in Catherine's Russia Tatiana Labutina Pages 41-55
Correspondence between Leo XIII and Emperor Alexander III of Russia as a Source for the History of the Holy See–Russia Relations in the Second Half of the 19th Century Elena Besschetnova Pages 56-69
Danube Transit. Russian Military Smuggling during the First World War Yaroslav Vishnyakov Pages 70-79
The Soviet State at the International Conference in Genoa on Economic and Financial Matters, April 10 – May 19, 1922 Irina Hormach Pages 80-106
Problem of France’s Security after the End of the First World War Boris Atchkinasi Pages 107-129
The Turn in African History. For the 60th anniversary of the Year of Africa Apollon Davidson Pages 130-137
East Asian Reform Model Aleksey Kiva Pages 138-155
Heritage of Alexander Von Humboldt in Russia Natalia Rostislavleva Pages 156-169
Sir Donald Mackenzie Wallace and His “Russia” Olga Bolshakova Pages 170-178
Wolfgan Schäuble: Long Life in Politics Boris Petelin Pages 179-191
The Phenomenon of Terror in Revolutionary France: Realities, Collective Imagination, and Memory (A. De Baecque. La Revolution Terrorisee. Paris, 2017) Andrey Mitrofanov Pages 192-196
History of the Dutch Regions from Antiquity to 1830 (Dutch Regions from the Batavi and Belgae to the Belgian Revolution of 1830. Textbook. Moscow, 2018) Anna Matveeva Pages 196-199
On the History of the Opposition in the Social Democratic Union of Denmark (H.-N. Lahme. Die Revolutionären. Gerson Trier, Nicolaj l. Petersen und die Revolutionäre Sozialistische Arbeiterpartei (Rsap) Dänemarks: Beschreibung und Ausblick, Exkurse, Briefe (1889–1918), 2019 Svetlana Gavrilchenko Pages 199-202
Malta and the Mediterranean Battleground (E. Y. Sergeev. The Unconquered Island: the Heroic Defense of Malta During the Second World. Saint-Petersburg, 2020) Andrey Komarov Pages 202-204
Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and the Berlin Crisis (R. V. Dovgilevich. West Berlin and Soviet Diplomacy (1963–1696). Saint-Petersburg, 2018) Ilya Kremer Pages 204-207
Is History Repeating Itself ? (L. Luks. Wiederholt sich die geschichte? Die europäische krise der 1930er jahre aus zeitgenössischer und aus heutiger perspektive. Essays und Kolumnen. Berlin, 2019) Boris Khavkin Pages 207-210
Moldovan-Russian Historical Relations (V. I. Tsvirkun. Monuments of the Moldovan-Russian Historical Relations in the Territory of Moldova. Moscow – Saint-Petersburg, 2019) Ivan Duminika Pages 211-213
International Scholarly Conference “Yalta 1945: Lessons of History” in the Livadian Museum Palace Ksenia Gernet Pages 214-216
Meeting of Germanists in Lipetsk Mikhail Strelets Pages 216-217
“Letters from the Cape of Good Hope”: Seminar in Honour of Academician A. B. Davidson in the Ural Land Antoshin Alexey / Veronika Vysokova / Yevgeny Chemyakin Pages 217-219
Memory of the Departed
Kremer I. S. (1922–2020) Editorial “Modern and Current History” Pages 220-221

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