Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Comparative Liturgy as a Historical Discipline: An Epistemological Aspect Ivan Davydov / Ivan Fadeyev Pages 5-20
Inventing Cornwall: Regional Autonomy in Early Stuart England Viktoriia Khomenkova Pages 21-33
The British Composite Monarchy: Supreme Power and Ethnocultural Processes Sergey Fyodorov / Anastasia Palamarchuk Pages 34-45
On the Cooperation Between a High-Ranking Representative of the Holy See and Russian Diplomats in Constantinople in a Letter from Count Sava Raguzinsky to Tsar Peter Alexey Yastrebov Pages 46-59
“Alpine Vendée”. Transformation of the Popular Protest in Savoy, 1793 Andrey Mitrofanov Pages 60-73
The Protestant Church and Military Mobilisation in Prussia during the Wars of Liberation in 1813 Dmitry Sterkhov Pages 74-91
Wilhelm II and the resignation of Otto von Bismarck Anna Matveeva Pages 92-103
The Baku Crisis in the History of the Batum Subsystem: the Culmination of the Failed Imperial Projects, August–September 1918 Velikhan Mirzekhanov / Leonty Lannik Pages 104-119
Ireland During the War of Independence. From the Truce to the Treaty Elena Polyakova Pages 120-130
On the Question of the Debts of Czarist Russia. The Soviet-French conference of 1926–1927 Evgeniy Osipov Pages 131-141
The 1942 Film Wake Island: Features of the Propaganda and Visualisation of World War II in the United States Sergey Buranok Pages 142-152
Italian Catholic Chaplains on the Eastern Front during World War II: Perception of Soviet Reality, Military Realities, and Apostolate in the Territories Occupied by Italy Eugenia Tokareva Pages 153-172
Religious Life in the USSR and the Allied Policy of 1943: the Perspective of an American Assumptionist Aleksey Beglov Pages 173-184
Vatican Assistance to Soviet Prisoners of War During and After World War II Ekaterina Zhdanova Pages 185-203
CSTO and Problems of Regional Security in the Eurasian Space (to the 30th Anniversary of the Collective Security Treaty) Efim Pivovar / Alexander Levchenkov / Alexander Guschin Pages 204-216
Patriarch of Russian Diplomacy Yegor Yegorovich Staal (1822–1907) Irina Rybachenok Pages 217-232
Pages of Colombian History (History of Colombia from Ancient Times to the Beginning of the 21st Century / eds А.А. Schelchkov, Z.V. Iwanowsky. Moscow, 2022) Georgy Filatov Pages 233-236
Leopold von Ranke: the Historian's Key Task is to Show “How Things Acrually Were” (V.L. Chernoperov, S.M. Usmanov. Leopold von Ranke – Life and Creative Heritage: Monograph. Ivanovo, 2021) Boris Khavkin Pages 236-139
How the Cold War Ended and What Followed. Reflections on a New Book by Russian and International Historians (The End of the Cold War in the Perception of Contemporaries and Historians. 1985–1991 / eds O.V. Pavlenko, V.I. Zhuravleva. Moscow, 2021) Aleksei Filitov Pages 239-146
Memory of the Departed
The Destiny of an Ottoman Historian in Russia: in Memory of Professor Mi-khail Meyer (1936–2022) Vyacheslav Shlykov / Pavel Shlykov Pages 247-254

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