Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Modern History
Paradoxes of Europeanization by Peter the Great Tatiana Chernikova Pages 3-22
Prince A.B. Kurakin and Russian Intelligence in Paris in 1812 Vladimir Zemtzov Pages 23-37
20th Century
World War and Phenomenon of the National Block in France (1918—1919) Boris Atchkinasi Pages 38-57
The Formation of Eurocommunism in Italy Svetlana Knyazeva Pages 58-75
Eisenhower Doctrine and Intervention to Lebanon in 1958 Ksenia Belousova Pages 76-92
Current History
Middle East: the Sides of the Syrian Conflict Anatoliy Savateev / Konstantin Truevtsev / Aleksei M. Vasiliev Pages 93-104
“Soft Power” and Public Diplomacy of the People's Republic of China at the Present Stage Aleksandr Naumov / Roman Pologevich Pages 105-118
France in the Current Migration Crisis of 2015—2017 Margarita Lubart Pages 119-139
Russia and the World
Russia at the Teschen Congress Galina Grebenshikova Pages 140-159
Methodology. Historiography. Source Study
Bar Confederates in Modern Polish Memory and Historiography Svetlana Mulina Pages 160-170
Standards and Society: to the Question of the History of Standardization Irina Novichenko Pages 171-180
The Case of the Diplomatic Dictionary Ilya Kremer Pages 181-197
Documentary Essays
Marshal MacMahon Petr Cherkasov Pages 198-211
Stafford Cripps (1889—1952). The Political Portrait Elena Susloparova Pages 212-232
Europe on the Move. Refugees in the Era of The Great War. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017, 335 p. Evgeny Sergeev Pages 233-235
Russia in Polish Historiography, Poland in Russian Historiography (to the 50th Anniversary of the Commission of Historians of Russia and Poland) Galina Rokina / Viktor Tumanin Pages 236-239
E. J. Dionne-Jr. Why the Right Went Wrong. Conservatism — from Goldwater to the Trump and Beyond T Jagudin / Pavel Rahshmir Pages 239-242

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