Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
“The Protestantism” as Concept: Its Meaning in Historical and Religious Studies Sergei Isaev Pages 5-18
Sympathy for Russia as a Way to Get Ahead of Time Mikhail Feldman Pages 19-28
The Empress Maria Alexandrovna and the Origins of the Russian Red Cross Volodko Anna Pages 29-38
Baptist Missionary Society (1792–1847) in India: From the Enlightenment to the Christianization Sofya Khandazhinskaya Pages 39-52
A.A. Savinsky – the Representative of Russia at the Opium Conference in the Hague, Netherlands 1911–1912 Anton Loshakov Pages 53-59
Turkish-Arab Confrontation in the Hijaz and Nejd and Russia in Early 20th Century (According to Russian Diplomatic and Military Intelligence Sources) Vitaliy Naumkin Pages 60-74
Secrets of Survival of the British Monarchy: from Victoria to George V (1837‒1936) Galina Ostapenko Pages 75-92
Confessional Factor in the 1920 Anti-British Uprising in Iraq Olga S. Chikrizova Pages 93-108
“Russian War Relief”: Moses Finley's Evidence Sergey Karpyuk Pages 109-117
Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936 as an Instrument of the British Foreign Policy. Preparation, Conclusion, Results Anton Onishchenko Pages 118-134
The Society Against Joseph McCarthy Irina Suponitskaya Pages 135-147
How South Koreans Remember the May 18 Gwangju Uprising: Political Collisions Around Commemorative Practices in the 21st Century Natalia Kim Pages 148-161
The Approaches of Konrad Adenauer and Angela Merkel to the Solution of Political-Military Problems: Succession or Divergence? Philipp Trunov Pages 162-178
“I Shall Either Perish or Reign”. New Materials from State Archive of Russian Federation on the Correspondence Between Grand Duchess Catherine and the British Ambassador Charles Hanbury Williams in 1756–1757 Piotr Stegny Pages 179-203
Russia in the System of International Relations During the Reign of Nicholas I: Structure and Activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (E.P. Kudryavtseva. The Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Second Quarter of the 19th century. Moscow, 2019) Yuri Anshakov Pages 204-207
The Problems of National Identity in Historical Memory and Contemporary Historiography (The Past for the Present. History-Memory and Narratives of National Identity. General Editor L.P. Repina. Moscow, 2020) Andrey Sokolov Pages 207-213
World War II and the Transformation of International Relations (The Second World War and the Transformation of International Relations. From Multipolarity to Bipolar World. Eds. L.S. Belousov, A.S. Manykin. Moscow, 2020) Galina Kaninskaya Pages 213-218
Academic Conference “European Diplomats of Modernity: Destiny and Career” Maria Petrova / Aleksandra Khorosheva Pages 219-221

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