Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theory and Methodology of History
Social Conflicts in the United States. Participants and Stages Vladimir Sogrin Pages 5-26
Modern History
Spanish Badges In The Second Half Of The 18 Century According To Written Sources Kirill Elokhin Pages 27-38
Congress in Nemyriv in the context of Russia’s foreign and marine politics Galina Grebenshikova Pages 39-51
Russia and Prussia during the reign of Nicholas I Elena Kudryavtseva Pages 52-66
20th Century
Policy Of Austria-Hungary During The Balkan Wars Of 1912-1913 In The Estimates Of The Russian Press Boris Kotov Pages 67-83
Japan and the USA in the First World War: the Policy of Plunder and Expansion away from the Main Theatre of the War Vyacheslav Zimonin Pages 84-106
Revolution in Bavaria (1918–1919) and German Anarchist Vadim Damie Pages 107-122
March – June 1939: politics of the powers and secret US-German contacts. According to the materials of the German archives Oleg Vishlev Pages 123-143
Current History
Czech man: portrait against a system change background Natalya Korovitsyna Pages 144-159
China, India: which of them is going to become a superpower first? Aleksey Kiva Pages 160-176
Operation "Anthropoid", 75 Years Later Vladimir Mikoyan Pages 177-184
Perestroika Through The Eyes Of The Employee Of The International Department Of The Cpsu Central Committee Valeriy Musatov Pages 185-209
Book Reviews
Anti-Nazi Resistance of German Jews. Rec. ad op.: B. L. Khavkin. RACISM AND ANTI-SEMITISM IN HITLER'S GERMANY. ANTI-NAZI RESISTANCE OF GERMAN JEWS. Moscow, 2018, 242 р. Rostislav Dolgilevich / Boris Yablokov Pages 210-213
On the Mutual Influence of Russia and the African Continent. Rec. ad op.: AFRICA AND THE DESTINY OF RUSSIA, RUSSIA AND THE DESTINY OF AFRICA. Moscow: Politicheskaya entsiklopedia, 2019, 606 p. Ivan Krivushin Pages 214-218
Scholarly Life
100 Years since the Foundation of the Communist International Nataliya Akhramovich Pages 219-221

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