Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Unfulfilled Marriage Between the Hereditary Prince of Orange and the Princess Charlotte of Wales Yury Bavykin Pages 5-21
“The Third Edition of the Vendee” or the Conspiracy of the Duchess of Berry in 1832 Natalya Tanshina Pages 22-43
Preparations of Saint Petersburg for Talks with Rome: the Work of the Secret Catholic Committee Olga Serova Pages 44-65
General Maurice Gamelin and the French Military Development Before World War II Aleksander Vershinin Pages 66-91
Moscow and the 1935 Communist Revolt in Brazil Andrey Schelchkov Pages 92-109
Liberation Without Freedom: the Prisoners of the Nazi Concentration Camps in Post-War Europe and the Problem of Retribution Boris Iakemenko Pages 110-126
Frustrated Alliance: The United States and the Pacific Pact, 1949-1951 Andrey Sidorov Pages 127-146
The 30th Anniversary of the Revolution in Romania Valeriy Musatov Pages 147-165
Foreign Policy Priorities of A. Babis. Amid the Centennial of the State Mikhail Vedernikov Pages 166-180
The Internal Political Processes in the Modern Italy in the Context of Its Relations with the European Union Maxim Sigachev / Elena Proskurina Pages 181-195
The Features of German-Dutch Cooperation in Military-Political Sphere Philipp Trunov Pages 196-212
The Phenomenon of Caudilism: The Venezuelan Dimension Emil Dabaghyan Pages 213-240
The World and Europe Galina Kaninskaya Pages 241-246
BRICS as an Important Factor in International Relations Tatyana Shaumyan Pages 247-248
The Grand Strategy of the House of Habsburg Tatiana Fadeeva Pages 249-251
The Image of the British in L. N. Tolstoy’s Novel «War and Peace» Tatiana Labutina Pages 252-253
Conference in Voronezh on the Problems of Fascism and Neofascism Alexandr Bogdashkin / Vjacheslav Teplukhin Pages 254-256

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