Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Wilhelm II and the Power System of Germany at the End of 19th and to Begin of 20th Centuries Alexander Vatlin / Alexander Turygin / Sergey Nevskiy Pages 7-27
Formation and Creation of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijani SSR (1920–1945) in the Works of Azerbaijanian and Foreign Scientists Tamilla Kerimova-Kodjayeva Pages 28-42
Heroes and Anti-Heroes of the 1940s: Pendulous Swings in Greek Historiography Olga Petrunina Pages 43-53
Russia in War for Foreign Interests: Negotiations Between British and Rus-sian Diplomats on the Subsidy Conventions of 1747 Tatiana Labutina Pages 54-66
The Struggle for Oregon in the Last Third of the Eighteenth – First Quarter of the Nineteenth Century Alexandr Petrov / Larisa Troitskaya Pages 67-83
“Saratov Key” to the 1918 Campaign Anton Posadsky / Leonty Lannik Pages 84-100
Soviet Historical Science and Foreign Policy Dynamics in the Late 1930s and 1940s: The Mishulin Line Mikhail Bukharin Pages 101-116
Moscow Museums on the Eve and in the Initial Period of the Great Patriotic War: Organization, Structure, Evacuation Alexey Bezugolny Pages 117-130
“It Is Favorable To the Forces of Socialism to Keep the Americans in Southeast Asia Longer”: The Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee in the Determination of the Strategic Line of the USSR in the Second Indochina War of 1965 Vitaliy Naumkin / Petr P. Skorospelov Pages 131-153
The USSR – Czechoslovakia Commission of Historians: Particularities of Creation and Activities in the 1960s Victoria Gruzdinskaya / Kseniya Sak Pages 154-168
Political Islam: from History to Modernity Shamansur Shakhalilov Pages 169-181
Nikolay Charykov and Friedrich Martens: The Careers of Two Diplomats Oleg Chernov Pages 182-194
Arthur Jacob Marder: A Glorifier of the British Sea Power Dmitrii Likharev Pages 195-206
American Representatives to the USSR and the Fate of Soviet Religious Policy at the Beginning of the Great Patriotic War. From Father Leopold Braun's Correspondence of 1941 Aleksey Beglov / Ivan Fadeyev Pages 207-227
Historical Lessons of the North-Eastern Geopolitics of Peter the Great: Political, Social and Socio-Cultural Aspects (A.Yu. Petrov. Petrovskaya Age and Development of the Northern Part of the Pacific Ocean. Ryazan, 2022) Yuri Iyerusalimskiy / Svetlana Ierusalimskaya Pages 228-231
“What is Good for a Russian, is Death for a German?” (V.S. Dudarev. Bismarck and Russia 1851–1871. Saint-Petersburg, 2021) Alexey Ipatov Pages 231-234
India – The Path to Independence and Dialogue with Russia (V.P. Kashin. India. Independence, Partition and Dialogue with Russia / ed. T.L. Shaumyan. Moscow, 2022) Alexandra Kozlova Pages 234-236
Between the FRG and the USSR: Trade as a Factor of Economic Reforms in the GDR in the 1950s and 1970s. (In: Yablokov B.V. The USSR and the GDR. Economic Diplomacy in the Conditions of the "New Economic System", Moscow: GAUGN-Press, 2021, 154 p.) Aleksei Popov Pages 236-239
Historical Imagology and Understanding of Intercultural Communications (“Own” / “Others” / “Alien”: From the History of Interaction and Confrontation Between the West, the East and Russia / ed. T.L. Labutina. Saint-Petersburg, 2021) Vladimir Erokhin Pages 240-247
Conference in Voronezh on the Problems of Fascism and Anti-Fascism Alexandr Bogdashkin / Vjacheslav Teplukhin Pages 248-250
Russia and Germany in the Fates of Russian Historians. Conference in Lipetsk Marking the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of Alexander Boroznyak Nina Vashkau / Boris Khavkin Pages 250-254

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